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Hi. My name is Eric Welkerson, but my friends call me "Contemporary Eric."
Today, I'm going to teach you how to do Contemporary dance.
There are 15 moves that are in every Contemporary dance.
You can put these steps together in any sequence to songs such as:
Adele, Ani DeFranco, and Frau Frau...
..and you too can be a Contemporary choreographer.
Helping me today is my assistant, Bich.
Say "Hello", Bich.
-Hell-- -Okay.
Now let's get started on learning the 15 steps.
The Knee: where you have a very serious conversation with your knee...
..and then you put it down because you realize you shouldn't be doing that.
The Pants: where you pull your pants down and then you pull them back up...
really quickly because people are noticing.
The Zombie With Emotion.
The I Just Came Out of a Well: where you use sign language to tell...
someone that you just came out of a well and you need help.
The Brat: where you act like you're kicking a fire hydrant...
and then you check to see if anyone notices you're mad.
The Blind Man: where you pretend that you're a blind man playing volleyball,
but you don't know when the volleyball's coming.
The Pewp: where you squat down because you have to poop,
but then when it comes it surprises you so you act really cool afterward.
The Elbowless Hug: where you reach out to give someone a hug...
as though you don't have any elbows.
The Bounce: where you bounce on your heels to keep yourself from crying...
because you're having a really, really bad day.
The This is Your Head.
The Seriously Get Your Damn Hands off of Me, as you can see.
The Peekaboo: where you give the audience a quick look at your "whabaha".
The Leg: where you run and jump into a split leap,
but then you realize your right leg was amputated from the knee down,
so as you fall, you reach out to the audience for help.
And when you get up, you realize that you need to stretch
your hip flexer really, really bad.
The Magnet: where, all a sudden, your underwear becomes a magnet...
for someone's chest.
The Why is Your Head in My Hand? As you can see.
And every number always finishes with one other move.
It's called, "Go to Sleep, Bich."
Now watch as me and my assistant put these moves together to make a routine.
We'll put this routine to music and add emotion.
And that's how you do Contemporary dance.
You can download this song from iTunes in the link below.
Then you can do your own Contemporary dance using the Contemporary dance steps.
Post links to your video in the comments below and I will give feedback.
Thanks for watching.
Love, Contemporary Eric.
-Can I get up? -NO!
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Contemporary Dance How-To HILLARIOUS

18782 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on January 3, 2014
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