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  • Okay so when I was younger I wasn't really great at math. I was good at other

  • stuff like literature and language arts and history and all that stuff but I

  • just couldn't do math as well as I could do other things. I was home-schooled up

  • until fourth grade when I started actually going to a public school and

  • the first year I was there I really really struggled in math class my

  • teacher didn't help. He would purposefully call on me even though my

  • hand wasn't raised for a problem. I don't know if other teachers do that but it

  • just didn't help in my case whatsoever. And he would call on me and I just, I

  • would never have the correct answer. And I'd always I would turn red and I would

  • get all flustered and I would mutter and it just made everything so much worse.

  • That didn't help my self-esteem at all because the other kids would look at me

  • and be like" oh why doesn't she know math oh she's such an idiot for being a

  • homeschooler oh." And I did know math it wasn't my

  • strong point I mean we all have weaknesses and stuff stuff like that.

  • Most people watching this are good at math and I bet some aren't but that's

  • okay. Yeah this continued for a while and I tried to get there but it just

  • wouldn't stick in my memory as much as other stuff would. So I passed fourth

  • grade and the same stuff happened in fifth grade. Like, I wasn't really getting

  • a hold on anything and it just wasn't really my favorite thing to do and I

  • really tried to prioritize it and help myself. And my parents tried to help and

  • they even made me stay after school so I could learn more things about it and

  • that didn't help either. And I had another math teacher and he wouldn't

  • help either. He would do the same stuff the previous teacher would. He would call

  • out my name even though my hand wasn't raised and I'd have to sit there like an

  • idiot and just keep quiet. And then all the kids would laugh me and he'd go on

  • to a different person which i think is a wrong way to try to teach somebody who's

  • just calling out on them when they're not expecting it. And I'm in eighth grade

  • now and I did pass six and seventh grade. It is pretty much the same story for all

  • the grades that I struggled in math. And now I am taking out on at school and I'm

  • home schooled again and I've gotten so much better at math and I can do stuff

  • that I'm confident with and I'm just grateful that I'm not as bad as I was.

  • And it just takes time and it takes a certain kind of

  • person as well and you just have to know what's right for you. Like you don't have

  • to be great at a certain subject you can be perfectly fine in another subject and

  • I'm telling you this story because I know a lot of kids out there are not as

  • great as other stuff. It could be a sport, it could be a subject in school, it could

  • be literally anything. But it's okay if you don't get that

  • hold on whatever you're trying to learn. It's just that you don't have to change,

  • you just might want to improve and it helped a lot.

Okay so when I was younger I wasn't really great at math. I was good at other

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Math Almost Destroyed Me In School

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    Shinichiro posted on 2019/11/29
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