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Are you really watching this video at work?
It's time to stop dreaming about traveling the world and make it happen.
Not next year, but right now.
I'm Marko. I'm Alex.
And you're watching Vagabrothers, your go-to guide for travel tips, inspiration,and vlogs here on YouTube.
In this video we're going to help you make a plan to quit your job,
travel the world, and do it all without pissing off your boss.
So if you haven't already, hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications
for more inspiration to escape a nine-to-five.
Without further ado, sit up straight pretend to be working....
maybe put some headphones in.
This is how you quit your job to travel the world,
but not pissing off your boss.
Oh yeah.. that too.
Before we get started, let's take a step back.
Why quit a perfectly well-paying job to travel the world?
It goes completely against a lot of the advice
we were given by society and parents.
All right kiddo. Well, I'm going to tell you how it's going to go.
You're going to keep your head down and focus on your career.
You make some money, put a down payment on a house, get married, have kids.
Maybe you can travel when you retire, say seventy, seventy five...
Eh, why not eighty? That sounds good.
Well, times have changed.
Our generation is less likely to receive the generous retirement benefits that our parents did,
and fewer people are willing to wait until retirement to travel the world.
Plus with smartphones keeping us connected 24/7,
it's harder than ever to unplug and separate work and personal life.
Burnout is a real problem,
and there's no better solution than a little bit of time off.
Or maybe your inner voice is screaming at you to do something....
travel the world, write a book, or change up your life completely.
Whatever it is, it's not your nine-to-five.
It's time to scratch that itch.
Start by making a plan.
Ask yourself what do you want to get out of this break?
Maybe you want to check a couple of things off your bucket list.
If you do click here for inspiration.
If you had all time and money in the world, what would you do?
How can you get paid to do what you love?
Answering these difficult questions will give you the direction you need to make a plan.
Above all do you want to return to your current job?
If not hold a beat; if yes find out if your company offers sabbaticals.
But bros, what's a sabbatical?
Glad you asked, Brosef.
The word sabbatical comes from the Hebrew word, "shabbat."
Literally sabbath or a ceasing to work.
And the Bible commands we take one year off of every seven years from work.
These days to take a sabbatical,
you're probably going to have to negotiate with your boss.
And although it's less common in the United States than say in Europe or Australia,
many companies are realizing the importance of retaining
talented employees by giving them some well deserved break time.
Usually sabbaticals are offered after a couple years of work, but not always.
Deloitte offers sabbaticals after just six months, and some offer paid sabbaticals.
You can literally get paid to be at the beach instead of the office.
That's what you call a radical sabbatical.
Ask how much time off your boss has granted other coworkers in the past.
Six months to a year is not uncommon, but
six weeks is the same amount of time as a maternity leave.
Most companies are already familiar with giving that much time off.
And if you're quitting your job for good,
make your own sabbatical by scheduling some free time before you start your next job.
Obviously, it's not as sweet as a paid sabbatical,
but it does give you the freedom to take as much time off as your budget will allow.
But no matter which route you decide to take, now comes the hardest part...
telling your boss.
Quitting your job or requesting time off is not easy.
Just like asking for a raise, these conversations can get awkward.
You need to stick your neck out a little bit, and
prepare yourself for possible rejection.
It's an unavoidable step, but one you should handle tactfully
if you ever want to come back or put them down as a reference.
Hey, everybody listen...
Screw you, screw you.
You're cool. Screw you. I'm out.
By this time next week, I'll be sitting in Thailand sipping a special milkshake, waiting for the full moon party
Adios losers.
No, no. Just resist the temptation.
Frame your decision as a chance for personal growth... important time before marriage, kids, and a mortgage.
Make it clear that you do not intend just to goof off,
that you will return to work as a more well-rounded and productive employee.
Mention up front any skills or hobbies that you're going to be working on during your sabbatical.
Then relate how these skills or hobbies will improve your productivity and your presence in the workplace.
Remember, you're pitching this idea so write it out,
practice in the mirror, and pick a good time to say it...
Friday afternoons or right before a holiday is best,
not when your boss has got a ton of her own work or two days before your trip.
Follow these steps and chances are she'll say yes.
The hard part is over,
but there are still a few crucial loose ends to tie up.
Give your boss fair warning before your departure,
and do everything in your power to make sure your replacement is brought up to speed before you leave.
When the big day arrives, part ways with class and leave a thoughtful gift.
Follow up a few weeks later with a postcard from the road thanking them for the opportunity to pursue this dream.
Just make sure to go easy on the "humblebrag."
All of this seems like a hassle, but trust us.
You'll be happy a year later when you have to put your boss's name as a reference for a new job.
You did it. You're free. Now what are you going to do?
Sure you can spend the first week celebrating, vegetating, or sleeping,
but don't squander this opportunity.
You told your boss this was about personal growth, right?
Now live up to the promise.
Set yourself up for success by committing early.
Buy those plane tickets while they're still cheap, and make major reservations
so there's no turning back.
Keeping a journal is a great way to track your progress,
hone your intuition, and learn to listen to your heart.
And if you want to become more creative,
I highly recommend buying The Artist's Way.
It's a 12-week course to unlock your creativity.
I'll put a link to the workbook in the info box.
Give yourself space to explore your passions,
especially hobbies you've neglected or dreams that you've buried.
Resist the urge to plan every minute of every day, and instead allow yourself to be open to the
experiences as they come to you.
Wander, linger, improvise.
Who knows where the road will lead?
Last but not least, enforce the boundaries of your sabbatical.
Keep work emails to an absolute minimum, and turn off your phone.
Be present, and don't forget that being productive is not required for personal growth.
Oftentimes, it's the opposite.
Eventually your sabbatical will end and you will need to return to work or try to find a new job.
But take some time to process all of the experiences you've just had so you have something
thoughtful and meaningful to say during your job interview.
Hey boss, long time no see.
Dude, I got to tell you about this one time at the full moon party in Thailand.
Things got crazy.
No, Brosef, no.
Focus on the skills that you learned,
whether it's "mejor espanol" or greater self-reliance,
and pick a few stories that illustrate how travel helped you grow.
This will help you stick out from other job candidates.
Lastly and most importantly,
don't fall back into your old ruts.
Instead bring your lessons from the road
and integrate those into your everyday life
so you can walk through life deliberately,
even if it's just commuting to the office.
Okay, those are our tips on how to quit your job and travel the world without pissing off your boss.
If you have questions about how to pull it off yourself, put those in the comments section.
And other people who have successfully pulled off a sabbatical,
put your answers in there as well and your tips are appreciated.
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Keep it as short as possible.. better chance it will be in one of our future videos.
As always stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you on the road.
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How To Quit Your Job and Travel The World Now

735 Folder Collection
Samuel published on July 21, 2018
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