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  • We all want to live in a safer, healthier

  • more prosperous world, right? To see real change,

  • with equality and opportunity for all. We've made progress,

  • but change isn't happening fast enough. We're leaving behind too many girls.

  • We're leaving behind child brides. Child marriage

  • isn't just a problem for girls; it's a problem for everyone.

  • It undermines our efforts to tackle issues like poverty

  • education and health. Here's how...

  • Child brides, sometimes as young as 8 or 9, have no say in when or whom they marry.

  • They usually drop out of school and miss out on the opportunities they need to thrive

  • trapping them their families and communities in a cycle of poverty.

  • Child brides aren't ready to become wives and mothers.

  • They are still growing, so they face dangerous complications

  • even death, in pregnancy and childbirth. And their children

  • are less likely to live beyond their first birthday.

  • They are thrown into relationships where they have no control,

  • putting them at greater risk of domestic violence and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Every year fourteen million girls become child brides

  • across countries, cultures and religions.

  • The stakes are too high for us to ignore this problem.

  • We can end child marriage. But we have to work together.

  • We need all those who play a role in girls' lives

  • -- parents, teachers, health workers, community and religious leaders --

  • to understand the benefits of ending child marriage,

  • that it's not just positive for girls, but their families and communities too.

  • Change will happen village by village,

  • town by town, but we also need national and international action.

  • Laws that set a minimum age for marriage; programmes that invest in girls, enabling them

  • to make choices,

  • to go to safe, accessible schools,

  • and earn an income.

  • We must register girls at birth; raise awareness; and support young people

  • to become activists for change.

  • We all have a part to play in building a safer, healthier

  • and more prosperous world. But to get there,

  • we can't leave anyone behind.

  • Join the movement to end child marriage.

We all want to live in a safer, healthier

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