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  • Hey, naturals what's up gabby, wallace here with a go natural english lesson to solve your doubts about

  • Some confusing challenging topics in english now i know a lot of you, want to know more about

  • Prepositions so in this lesson we're. Gonna talk about

  • What's the difference between on time and in time

  • on

  • Versus in with this specific example of time so we often use the preposition on?

  • With time and we often use the preposition in with time so what's the difference anyway they seem so

  • Similar let me explain there is a slight difference

  • In time if you'll just imagine with, me the biggest difference

  • Is that in time makes me

  • Think of when you're hurrying

  • You're, already late you

  • Don't have very much hope of being on time because something already happens maybe

  • You, took, longer than normal in traffic

  • maybe there

  • Was some other delay maybe you saw a friend and you started talking and you know it was hard to say i have to go

  • Anyway, there's already been delays so you're already, worried you're already sweating you're already

  • walking faster trying to get to your appointment on time

  • In time is when

  • You're, watching baseball and

  • The the, baseball player the batter has just hit the ball and

  • The ball has been

  • caught and

  • The outfielder, is throwing it to first

  • Base but the batter is running running running running and he dives in and he just

  • Touches he just just touches that first

  • Base just in time in order to stay on first base and not get out

  • So in time is a bit more

  • It's a bit more dramatic

  • It makes me anxious to say, about am i going to be there in time

  • Am i going to get to the meeting in time to

  • Not be late to not miss the agenda am i going to get to the bus stop

  • In time to catch the bus

  • am i going to

  • Be at the dinner party in time to eat dinner or am i going to get there after

  • Everyone, else has eaten all the food already and i just get leftovers

  • That is in time now?

  • to, be fair

  • Enzyme and on time are often used for very similar situations but the biggest difference for me

  • Is that enzyme is a bit more stressful and there's this

  • span of time where like, you're already late but you're hurrying, and you're trying to get to a place in

  • time

  • to

  • Take advantage of an opportunity

  • Whereas on the other hand on time is a bit less

  • Stressful it's an agreed-upon time you know that to be to work on time you need to be there at

  • 7:55 a.m.

  • you know that

  • The train is going to be on time?

  • Well if you live in japan i lived in japan for three years the train is always on time like

  • 99% of the time it's always on schedule on time

  • So it's predictable it's scheduled it's on time, make sure you get to work on time or your

  • Boss might be upset now

  • Bonus there's a, bonus phrase there's a common

  • Idiom in the nick of time this goes back to in time not on time but in the nick of time is like

  • so close to the very last chance to get somewhere or to show up to be

  • Somewhere in time for something

  • Like just in the nick of time, means you

  • Had like a half a second where if you had not shown up at

  • That time you would have missed that thing let's say, you're going to a, baseball game and

  • You just arrived at the baseball game in the nick of time to see the most amazing

  • Play, it happened just like that very quickly and you just caught it in the nick of time

  • Let's say that you need to catch the bus and you see the bus coming and you're running to the bus stop

  • You're, you're hoping the bus, doesn't just run by

  • Well the bus driver sees you you see the bus driver and it's this wonderful moment, where he stops for you

  • And you catch the bus in the nick of time

  • You could, have just missed it but you caught that bus in the nick of time

  • Congratulations so i hope that this clarifies some of the difference between on time in time and then the most

  • Extreme in the nick of time so use these if you're, always running late or if you

  • Want to talk about how

  • You're, always on time, also it's a great way to use these let

  • Me know in the comments if you have any questions and if you love go natural english lessons. Be sure to subscribe right here on

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  • Single week check it out, and i'll see you again, soon bye for now

Hey, naturals what's up gabby, wallace here with a go natural english lesson to solve your doubts about

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What's the DIFFERENCE between English prepositions ON TIME vs. IN TIME

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