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Eric: Guys, I have bad news. And I mean really bad.
Eric: GoAnimate 4 Schools is updating to HTML5 on July 26, 2016.
Eric: And you know what that means. All the good themes are retiring.
Eric: I guess this is really the end of GoAnimate. As you can see, everyone is boarding the plane back to reality.
Caillou: Goodbye, GoAnimate City. I'll miss you.
Boris: Caillou, hurry up and get on the plane!
Caillou: Okay.
Eric: Don't worry, we'll still make videos, GoAnimate or not. And the stupid grounded video makers will be no more.
Eric: But the good, funny grounded videos will be no more, either.
Eric: But on a brighter note, let's all learn to use Flash animation to create more videos. We can call it "Don'tAnimate".
Eric: Get it? "Don'tAnimate"? (laughs)
Eric: But it won't be the same. We had a good run. Thank you for using GoAnimate.
Flight Attentant: Flight 749 now boarding for Reality.
Well, I guess I better get going. Goodbye forever.
Pilot: Oh no! It looks like the meteor's coming. Let's get the plane started.
Business Friendly Guy: Wait a minute! You've gotta let me on!
Pilot: Very well. Where is your ticket?
BFG (the guy, not Roald Dahl's book): Dammit. I'm sure I left it somewhere.
Pilot: Well, I guess you can't come on.
BFG: Please! You gotta let me on!
Pilot: I know something that will help you.
(Pilot gives BFG umbrella.)
BFG:What? An umbrella is all you give me?
Pilot: have a nice day.
Pilot: Attention, this is your captain speaking. We are ready for takeoff.
BFG: No no no no no no!
Eric: I'm sure glad we made it on the plane, huh PC Guy?
PC Guy: Yes. With us going to reality, we won't be deleted.
Pilot: This is your captain speaking. We are now entering the portal for reality. Hold on to your hats. This is going to be a bumpy ride.
Pilot: Now landing in JFK Airport, New York.
Eric: Hooray! We've made it to Reality!
PC Guy: Don't worry, we'll be back when we use Flash animation!
BFG: Oh no! The meteor is getting closer and closer by the second!
BFG: Goodbye, cruel world!
(giant violent explosion)
Eric: The HTML5 meteor came. Everything is gone. There is no hope. GoAnimate and GoAnimate 4 Schools were both really good websites where people could make their own animations.
Eric: But it wasn't that Alvin Hung was evil. He just wanted to do what was best for the sites.
Eric: We can still learn to use Flash animation to create more videos.
Eric: We had a very good run, even with the grounded videos. Sometimes we need to let things go, but I hate to see it leave.
Eric: Goodbye, Go...An...imate...
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[READ DESC.] This is The End of GoAnimate and GoAnimate 4 Schools!

316 Folder Collection
grounded3067801914 published on March 20, 2018
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