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  • An international team of 32 creatives spent their free time to bring you this film.

  • Amongst hundreds of thousands of fishing vessels, the Abel Tasman reigns supreme.

  • With its one-hundred-forty-three meters of iron, it hunts the oceans with a net of over 600 meters long.

  • Longlines of up to 50 kilometers and far too many illegal drift-nets

  • are emptying the deep blue with a frightening efficiency.

  • Today, the global fishing fleet hauls in eighty million tons of seafood every year

  • approximately two trillion individual animals.

  • Forty percent of these animals are caught as by-catch and thrown back into the ocean as waste

  • ...mostly dead or wounded.

  • Since the 1950’s, 90% of all large fish have disappeared from our oceans.

  • According to science, loss of biodiversity is accelerating...

  • ...and even the idea of sustainable fishing is now coming under pressure.

  • The conservation movement, from lobbyist to activist,

  • is knowledgeable, intelligent and pro-active.

  • A lot has been achieved.

  • Successful campaigning has resulted in new legislation and a growing awareness.

  • However ... a multi-billion dollar fishing industry is strengthening its grip on politics.

  • For environmental organizations it has become increasingly difficult to get tangible results.

  • Every year, 25 billion dollars of tax money continues to subsidize a very harmful industry,

  • while ocean conservation laws are barely enforced.

  • ... but we simply can't negotiate with biology.

  • If the fishing industry continues to fish at its current rate,

  • science predicts that all currently exploited fish populations

  • will be gone from the oceans by 2048.

  • There will be large dead zones.

  • Some argue the oceans will be populated by jellyfish.

  • Change is inevitable and much is at stake.

  • The Black Fish work hard to expose and challenge illegal and destructive fishing practices.

  • For the coming years, our focus lies on the Mediterranean,

  • where corruption is widespread and fishing laws are simply disregarded.

  • This is what you can do.

  • Learn more about the facts and our organization at

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  • The Black Fish; ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

  • Title: Losing Nemo

An international team of 32 creatives spent their free time to bring you this film.

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