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  • Gary? Yeah?

  • Oh, come on! Really? You got three lemons.

  • What my baby wants, my baby gets. You know that.

  • Yeah, but I wanted 12. Baby wanted 12.

  • Why would you want 12 lemons?

  • Because I'm making a 12-lemon centerpiece.

  • So, no one's actually even eating them? They're just show lemons?

  • Yeah. They're just show lemons. Shown in the center of the table.

  • I'm glad you find that amusing,

  • but I cannot fill a vase with only three lemons.

  • Well, can't you just use, like, maybe a drinking glass?

  • I'm not gonna use a drinking...

  • We could have a smaller version of a centerpiece.

  • I'm not gonna use a drinking glass for our centerpiece.

  • You know what? I've got an idea.

  • Why don't we go ahead and scratch the centerpiece idea altogether,

  • because the chicken that burnt my mouth

  • could maybe use a little bit of lemon on top of it.

  • Guess what? Now we've made a better meal versus something visually nice to look at.

  • What are you do... What's happening here? What are you doing?

  • What are you doing? Oh, I had such a long day on the bus.

  • I need a little bit of down time. My feet are killing me.

  • Gary, come on, my feet are killing me, too. I'm exhausted.

  • I worked all day. Went to the market.

  • I cleaned this entire condo and then I've been cooking for the last three hours.

  • Come on. Help set the table.

  • Sweetheart. What?

  • You've done such a great job already. Don't you want to finish it yourself

  • and have that personal power of that accomplishment?

  • Set the table. Listen to me.

  • Do you think that when Michelangelo, right,

  • was painting the Sixteenth Chapel, that he said,

  • "Hey, guys, you know, I did pretty good on the first 15 chapels,

  • "but why don't you help me design this one?

  • "And maybe you could help me... Give me a brush

  • "and you guys can grab brushes, and we can all make a great chapel."

  • No, he didn't. And you wanna know what the results were?

  • A masterpiece.

  • Okay. It's the Sistine Chapel, not the Sixteenth,

  • and I bet when Michelangelo asked for 12 brushes, they didn't bring him three.

  • Yeah. Okay, all the talking is really starting to drain me,

  • and now I'm gonna have to watch the highlights later to see what I missed here.

  • Honey, look, Gary, just... Down time's important.

  • Gary, please just take a shower, okay? Down time's important.

  • 'Cause this is what I don't want to have happen.

Gary? Yeah?

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The Break-Up (3/10) Movie CLIP - Show Lemons (2006) HD

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