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  • When I was teased in school I felt like I wish I wasn't born

  • And we all get teased sometimes

  • You know many people would say 'Well, you ain't cool unless you do what we do.'

  • 'You ain't cool unless you're part of our group.'

  • And there were times where I felt like giving up.

  • Have you ever come to a point where you feel like giving up?

  • And the devil will come and he will make us feel like

  • We need to judge people by how we look and we divide, know...

  • God is a God of love Your pain is real

  • Your loneliness and brokeness is real and it's big, but God is bigger!

  • As I went to school a lot of people sometimes teased me has anyone ever been teased before?

  • Do you know that I hated my life because of some students at school?

  • Can you imagine if someone in this school hates their life because of you?

  • We can either kill somebody with our words or we can save somebody with our words.

  • You know when kids come up and were teasing me...

  • I realized that I am fearfully and wonderfully made because that's what the bible says.

  • In the bible it says that He has a whole plan and a future for all of us

  • We must know what the truth says.

  • Without the truth we cannot fight the lies.

  • And there is going to be lies coming to you and in your life saying you're not good enough

  • We need to come together in love, it doesn't matter how you look.

  • I don't care how ugly you think you are, you're beautiful just the way that you are.

  • NICK: All the girls say, 'I am beautiful!' GIRLS: I am beautiful!

  • NICK: and all the boys say, 'I'm the man!' BOYS: I'm the man!

  • NICK: Everybody say, 'I am special!' ALL: I am special!

  • NICK: Just the way I am, ALL: Just the way I am,

  • NICK: because God loves me. ALL: because God loves me.

  • NICK: And it's okay... ALL: And it's okay...

  • NICK: for me... ALL: for me...

  • NICK: to be me. ALL: to be me.

  • When I heard him it just changed my heart from there.

  • Just learned me to forgive all those people that done bad,

  • and for me to go say sorry to those people.

  • It just changed, changed the way I think now.

  • It really, really changed the way I think now.

When I was teased in school I felt like I wish I wasn't born

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