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I am not coach right now, I am your conscience.
You're in a fight between will and skill.
I say will first because that's what you are.

You're locked and loaded with skill.
You're practicing every day, you're putting in your work.

You're buying everything, you're making investments.
You're living your dream,

you're walking like your dream.
You're surrounding yourself around your dream,

you got mentors - everything.
You're putting more work in. You got your skill.

Now is the test of your will. It is a mindset thing you are in right now
it is a mindset thing because your challenge. Your challenge ain't moving, your
mountain, it is not moving.
You don't feel like you making any progress.

You are not physically moving when you see everything else around you, other
people around you moving,
you're not making progress, you're in the

test of your will right now cuz life
says it has a little more test for you.

It's no different because we messed
up, because you fell off the wagon, you've

been on alcohol and drugs and you gave
up on life and you dropped out or you've

been to jail one time, two times, three
times and you really want your dream to

happen and you putting in your work and
nothing's happening yet.

Every transformation always gets worse before
it gets better.l

It's supposed to be that way. When you
embark this journey you must know that

it's gonna go down before it comes up
but when it comes up, it's gonna go so

much higher than you've ever been. The action
of making progress is progress. The, the

push itself, the fight, you get up and
swing and miss - that's progress. You get

up and you run at - get what you want
with everything you got and you miss,

that's progress. The effort of making the
attempt. it's progress. It must happen. It

can't do anything but move. You can't do
anything but make progress. You're pushing

and you're pushing and you're pushing
and you're pushing and you're doing

everything right. You're tired, you're
exhausted and ain't nothing happening yet.

That word is what you're waiting for. 'Yet.'
Because I promise you, if you keep

pushing, if you keep giving me all your
effort, it will happen. You have to be

equipped mentally to endure this process.
Knowing what you're about to go into is

step one. Knowing it's an uphill battle,
but a winnable one and one that's

achievable and at the end of this race guys,
you're going to be more capable. The

first step guys, is knowing it's a tough
road. As soon as you decide to stop

looking for answers in other people and
miracles somewhere down the yellow brick

road, and click the heels of your mind, and set your affections on
things that are above, you
could have been free years ago. All

jealousy, all pettiness, all unforgiveness,
all strife, all malice, all confusion, all

blaming other people for your mistakes.
You got till midnight to get rid of

every poison that's hindering you, every
inflexibility that's stopping you from

what God is about to pour into your life
woe be unto you if you go into

another year and waste another year with the old mentality while somebody in the hospital
begging God for the opportunity that you have right now. You better step into this moment.
My COMMITMENT and obsession is always to be better today than I was yesterday
If I have to make sacrifices to do that: so be it.
If I have to tell that person I

can’t go out drinking with him anymore: so be it.
Because that’s not what I value.

Anything or anyone that is taking me further away from my dreams has to go.
I’m committed to self development not self destruction, and you know, any person
that is meant to be with me on the journey, will choose that higher road
with me. Yes, a tougher road, but it is also a much more rewarding one. I want my life to
mean something. To be able to look back at my life and say, yeah, I made some
tough decisions, but they were the RIGHT decisions. So many people don’t get it.
They piss their life away every weekend for what? So they can complain
about their current circumstances for the rest of the week? THERE'S NO CHANCE!
I’m in charge of my own life!
It’s all on me! I take responsibility. I take action.

You will never hear me complain about another person or circumstance as the
reason I’m not where I want to be.
If I don’t like where I am… Time to knuckle

down and work harder! I am a perfect reflection of the hard work or lack of
work I put in. And luck, that only comes to those who have paid their dues.
If I am weak in a certain area, it won’t be for long.
Because I’m committed to be better. I will learn, I will read. I will make it happen.
I will FIND A WAY. I will WORK until that weakness is turned into a strength.
No one can beat me, because i don't give up! I'm RELENTLESS! You might knock me down,
but i NEVER stay down! It’s time to RISE.
RISE UP to your potential!

RISE UP past your limitations!
RISE UP past your family or friends limitations!

Set the standard for those around you!
Don’t conform to the standard,

like a sheep. Get out and LEAD THE WAY!

My college ball career was over. I got
offered a job to become a hospital

administrator. 2-year program, $75,000 job
and right before I took the job, my daddy
called me on the phone. Let me tell you

about my daddy.
When I was a little boy, my daddy would

always pick me up. When he came home from
work he picked me up, when he saw me in

the nursery after church, he picked me up.
No matter how long he worked, no matter

how tired he was, my dad would always
pick me up. So when I had my kids, I would

always pick up my kids. When I got home,
sometimes I was tired and they would have a bottle in

one hand, and they just lifted up their other hand, and they knew what
daddy was supposed to do, my job was to
pick them up.

This is a spiritual interaction. When you
pick up a child, it is a spiritual

When you pick up a child, you change their

When you pick up a child, all of a sudden
they can see the world the way you see it.

I don't care what your children have done, there is
nothing they can do for you to stop picking

them up.
Whether my daughter's a drug addict, I don't

care I pick her up.
My son messes up, I don't care

pick him up. I don't care. You pick them up.
That is your job, Mama.
That is your job, Daddy. That is your job

grandma, that is your job granddad, your
number one job is to pick them up and

change their perspective.
My saddest day, one day my daddy looked
at me and said boy you too big, I can't pick you

up anymore but when he couldn't pick me up
physically, he would pick me up

emotionally, he would pick me up

I had a great dad because he would
always pick me up.

He would always change my perspective.
So my daddy called me on the phone and he
asked me a question he said son you

had a tough year, what's next? I said dad I'm
gonna be a hospital administrator.

He said not bad but let me ask you a
question, son do you believe you're an

NBA player? You cannot produce yourself in there son, if you don't think so, go take the
job. But if you believe you're an NBA player, go for it.
My dad had self-control and
discipline and waited for my answer and

my answer was yes, you're right Dad.
I can't work the rest of my life. Playing in the NBA is a dream

I've had ever since I was a little boy.
He said, go for it son.
I limped back into my coach's office with a cast on my foot,
tears in my eyes. I said Coach what do I
need to do to play in the NBA? He said, do

two things and you can play in the NBA. Lose
20 pounds and shoot a three-point shot

with range you can play in the NBA. If you lose
20 pounds and shoot the three-point shot with

range you can play in the NBA. I lost 20
pounds and every day I would shoot 500

shots a day, every single day. I
got invited to training camp with the

Dallas Mavericks and not only did I make
the team, I became the first ever undrafted

rookie free agent in the history of the Dallas Mavericks to start opening night!
Could you imagine what was going through my mind:
I had not started a basket-ball game since high-school.
I got to the arena, they dimmed the lights, and they put

the spotlight right on me.
Right in the spotlight I saw my mama right there, and all my brothers and sisters

and then I saw my dad,
and i pumped my fist,
and he pumped his fist, and tears streamed down my
face. Thank you for all those timeouts,

thank you for making sure I was always
home when the streetlights came on.

Thank you for making sure I could always
hear your voice. Thank you for always

changing my perspective. I got a simple simple simple
question for you..Here is

the question - Do you believe that
one day you are not going live in the world that

was given to you that's right but you are going to
actually live in the world

that you dream of..
You gotta make every single second count..
You gotta go in the future and see it baby..

And than you gotta come come back in the present...
And you gotta take that big goal, that big dream, that big reality, that;s what I said,
You gotta take that big reality...
And you gotta take small steps to make it

managable... To make it so your dreams become a reality..
Think BIG, Dream BIG but start small..
That's right START SMALL - remember what I

told start where you are...
with what you have, because what you have is plenty..

But the biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself...
There is an old African

proverb that says: If there's no enemy within..
the enemy outside can do us no harm...

You don't have to personally be perfect.. Do you hear me?
There are those of you right now
you should've cut a CD, you should've wrote

a book, you should have gotten in school
and get that degree.. You should've

started your own business..
There are so many things you should've done..

You should've done.. But you didn't do it
because you are.. SCARED...

You say scared of what? - I ain't scared... You are scared... You are scared
of failure, you are scared to make a mistake.. You are scared.... that you are not perfect...
And I'm telling you today you ain't gotta be
perfect. Are you hearing what I'm saying?

You don't have to be perfect to get what you want..
to do what you want,

to have what you want, to be what you want... You don't have to be perfect.... It's a LIE.
There will never be a point in your life...
where it's the right time...

to do a great thing...
If you are waiting for that perfect perfect

moment... That perfect timing...
is not going to happen.. You know what you have to do?

You have to create the perfect time and the
perfect opportunity and the perfect situation.

So a lot of people become comfortable...
They stop growing, They stop wanting

They become satisfied....

People getting ready to go to jobs that
they don't like, jobs that are making them SICK

You see when you are not pursuing your
goal you are literally

committing spiritual suicide. When you
have some goal out here that you are

reaching for that takes you out of your
comfort zone.

You'll find out some talents and abilities you have...
That you didn't know you had.

When the messenger of misery visits you?
What are you going to do?

What will keep you in the game. There are things that you think you'll never need to know
that you may only need to know one time
in your life but that could save your
life because you had that knowledge.

Unless you attempt to do something beyond
that which you have already

mastered you will NEVER GROW. What is it that you looked at some point in time
and you decided that you
couldn't do it. That you talk yourself out of it.

You waiting for your next door neighbor..
to make it happen for you... It may not happen.

If you want on your mother
or your father... They may be so ancient in their thinking.

that they don't understand this
opportunity that you have

and if you wait on them that may never get done.
You don't pay average

people to be phenomenal, you don't pay good people to be phenomenal.
You just are phenomenal and you will attract phenomenal. What reason can you
remember that you can
call on, that you reach on, that could make you

get back up? Find that reason.
If you are not where

you are, if you're not where you wanna be...
If you don't have what you want to have

If you are not where you think you should be at this particular place, it has nothing to do
with the system, but it has everything to
do with the fact that you're not making

a sacrifice. I want you to make that dream become a
reality. Because if you

don't you will be working for somebody else to
make their dreams become a

The Question is - What are you gonna do with your time?

What drives you? - Greatness
is a lot of small things done well.

Day after day.. Workout after workout..
Day after day... When things don't

work out for you, when things happen that you could not
anticipate, what are the

reasons that you can think of that can keep you strong..
You will never ever be

successful.. Until you turn your
PAIN INTO GREATNESS. Until you ally your pain

to push you from where you are, to push you to where you need to be. Stop running
from your pain, and embrace your pain. Your pain is going to be a part of your prize
a part of your product. I challenge you to push yourself. See it's easy to be
on the bottom. It doesn't take any effort
to be a loser, doesn't take any

motivation, any drive in order to stay down there on a low level. But it calls on everything in you
you have to harness your will to say I am going to challenge myself. What you did
last week don't count. Today, Today is the only important day.
There are 86 400 seconds in a day... And how you use those ate critical.
You got 86 400 a day..
And what you do today is going to seep into who

you are. Nobody's gonna talk about what you did last week. You have this opportunity
of a lifetime. It means absolutely nothing if you don't take advantage of it in the
lifetime of this opportunity. I got a saying that when life knocks you down
try and land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up and if you want
a thing bad enough to go out and fight
for it, to work day and night for it,

to give up your time, your peace and your sleep for it, if all that you dream and scheme
is about it and life seems useless and
worthless without it see it's time now

if you wanna make this your decade,
you gotta start saying yes to your

life. You gotta start saying yes to your dreams.
Yes to your unfolding future.

Yes to your potential as opposed to
saying no.

When you die, die or leave, leave no dream
left behind guys, leave no opportunity

left behind when you leave this earth,
accomplish every single thing you can accomplish.

Listen to me. You're gonna be here one
day but you'll never get here if you give

up, if you give in, if you quit and
finally guys you gotta want to succeed

as bad as you wanna breathe.
What people think about you and the
possibilities for your dream is none of

your business. The attitude is it can't be done because
they haven't seen it

history is being read but it's also
being written by people with imagination.

It's necessary you take responsibility
for it. That you make it happen, that you

don't give up, that you don't take any
objection or disappointment or defeats

personally, that you keep on keeping on,
that you don't decide that I can't make

it because you can't see the light at
the end of the tunnel, that you realize

that's a part of the program. As the
physically weak man can make himself

strong by careful and patient training,
so the man of weak thoughts can make

them strong by exercising himself in
right thinking.

To put away aimlessness and weakness and
to begin to think with purpose is to

enter the ranks of those strong ones who
only recognize failure as one of the

pathways to attainment. Who make all
conditions serve them and who think

strongly, attempt fearlessly and
accomplish masterfully.

He who would accomplish little, must
sacrifice little. He who would achieve

much, must sacrifice much, he who would
attain highly, must sacrifice greatly.

What are you gonna do starting tomorrow
that'll make a difference? Major step to

human progress - discipline.
If there's one thing to get excited over

that's it. Get excited over your ability
to make yourself do the

necessary things.
Because the story you have about your life, or about your business,
about the area of life, is not where you want to be.
Your story is what's making this stuff.
Yes, it's hard, it's hard, and we will do it hard
and once if we do it hard, and we got through it, and

we realize it was worth it and once you
discover it was worth it, it is done.

Study the things that can change your
economic, social, spiritual, personal life

so you don't want to wind up at the end
of your life and discover that you've

lived only 1/10 of it.
Maybe you're at the darkest point of your life
and you're ready to give up. You're at a point

in your life when you feel like it's do or die. You're going through so much pain
you're going through so much agony,
you're ready to give up, you're ready to quit.

I've got one word for you - warrior! Woo! Warrior! Fear.
It's not real.

The only place that fear can exist is in
our thoughts of the future.

It is a product of our imagination
causing us to fear things that do not at

present and may not ever exist.
Fear is a choice.
Only those who risk going too far can
possibly find out how far one can go.

I want your dream to be so clear that when
you wake up in the morning all you got

to do is step in your dream and the
first step for me was seeing something I

was not before I was. You can do it. Where
you are is temporary!

You will not be there for the rest of your life.
I don't care what happens in your life, I
don't care what it looks like, I don't

care where you are, every single day you
wake up if you're going to have energy

if you're going to have passion, if
you're going to have drive, every day you

wake up you've got to start with that
vision. This is a mentality like, you got

to live this, you got to eat this, you got -
every single thing you do is not a choosing

it's a way of life. It's got to
possess everything you do, it's got to own.

There's no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A.
I want to see how far I can go, I want to see what I can acomplish, I want to see
what I can do, what I can be, what I can have, I want to see I don't want to see
what I think I can do, I don't want to see what think is possible, I want to
see what my life will looks life if I don't count the cost and I was willing to go
further then anybody was willing to do.
You can't do anything without faith it's

impossible to accomplish anything without faith, so i need you to believe.
There is still time, as long there is a breath in your nostrils, as long as you
can wake up in the morning
The first step before anyone else in the world

believes it, you have to believe it
So I need you to believe Cause if you're

willing to go through all the battling you got to go through to get where you
want to get, who's got the right to stop you?
I mean maybe some of you guys got

something you never finished, something you really want to do, something you never said to
someone, something... and you're told no, even after you paid your dues? Who's got the
right to tell you that, who? Nobody!
It's your right to listen to your gut, it ain't

nobody's right to say no after you earned the right to be where you want to be
and do what you want to do!
you gotta do, what you was called to do
you gotta do, what you was born to do

you gotta do, what works for you, because if you do what works for you gonna blow up.
It's in your DNA!
It's who you are!

You are a warrior. It's time for you not to back up.
Not to give up. Not to give in.

Either you get knocked down and you get back up
you get back up, you get back up and you continue

to throw shit against the wall. Listen to me very
carefully you are a warrior.

It is time
for you to fight.

I know you have that warrior inside and
now I just need you to activate it.

Keep going, as dark as it gets
keep going.

As difficult as it gets, as
much as it seems as if the world is

crumbling down around you and there's no
way out, keep going.

See most people stop, they don't get it, they quit, they quit reaching for their dreams.
I noticed that there are those who are squashers of dreams. Now, I don't know why these people do this.
I don't know why the naysayers or squashers do this. Grow stronger and then inspire
others to become the strongest
version of themselves that's how we evolve.

I go beyond the fears and limitations of other people. I control my life.
No matter what road you take in
life there are always going to be things

you have to do that you just don't want
to don't do. Go and do the thing. Look, you

only get this life once. Every experience that we have leads us to who we are and where we stand
and that's always the right place to be. If you can't, you must. If there's something that
you can't do because there's an obstacle
in your way

that means it's your responsibility to
do that thing so that you can destroy

the obstacle.
Failure is necessary.
Failure is success and success is failure. They need each other. The more failings you
have, the more success you have, the
darker the night, the brighter the day.

The harder the ball hits the ground, the
higher it goes up.

Pain is a beautiful thing. Challenge is
what life is about. A life without

challenge, a life without pain, is a life
without growth. So not only do I embrace

the challenge, embrace the pain but I
even look forward to it. Send me a

challenge, please give me some challenges
here because I need to be tested, I need to

be stronger, I need to grow. You know they
say there's a Judgment Day. I believe we

face multiple judgment days while we're
walking on earth. The judgement today is

Judgment Day is now and the judgment is

going to allow you to live a life of hell now
or to choose your own Kingdom.

Listen to me very carefully you are a warrior.
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