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Everyday We Wake Up
Eat Our Breakfast, Shower, Dress up,
And get ready start our daily routines some of us go to school,
others to work class, gym, clubs.
and even some sweet gutenberg cleaning up from your skill
weakness countless I was been pondering about why society Eastham
when you can get a job why is it so hard to cope with life in general
at the end the Leo Worsley MVP process
that's it dole
Boori buttock
there are 24 hours in the day
seven days a week week someone will see you
proximity 680 me dollars in the 106 I was in a lifetime
an average person spends one-third of the life sleeping
want their network who in the restroom suspected
reformist assistant us what to do was
T what's a few society creators we adapt to society
to be disturbed by the popular majorie will be hit by miss
me to use religion modest therapist
to do why is it that a species who was so much intelligence
motion hard be brought down by it creation
because we create can be destroyed
nothing about her ex so great so for now might you know
we have everything we wanted why do we live what keeps
way home
what makes want to keep gold
this morning
does not believe so we are all hanging by a small stream the boardroom
our dreams keeps us alive S&P
not idea what vision this some the you have been warned
you will be charged full wasn't driving prosperity work pro
nope me on
despair dreams what has pleaded the news his
is powerful leaders showing nice boobs
spectacular pins
you're living your dreams you won't high-quality
Nana beauty and cool might be movin
not working with me
you've been with me
with you could be my more love with you
be with him we will
you know you
never friend
this home with on you know I'm not on
him struggle you lot more vicious
tomorrow movie with mom
you can view mark you
there are no excuse night this week you
blum et Marlins
money on the side no with human
moo moo cow
grown woman
I'm night
go home
this which one
peace you you
green lime
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Our Dreams Keep Us Alive - Motivational Speech Video [MUST WATCH]

2830 Folder Collection
Wallace published on June 6, 2014
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