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I want to talk about gardening. My wife and I love the concept of growing your own veggies.
You know, we have lettuce, we have onion, we have cabbage, we have so many different
vegetables, and it's just so cool, and I'm just in awe of how things grow. You know,
you plant a seed, and you add water, and with the sunlight, it grows into something. You
know, in our life, there are many times where we plant seeds of encouragement in loved ones'
lives around us, and you sort of get discouraged when you're trying to encourage them, and
it just doesn't seem to work. You know, some seeds grow into something, some seeds
don't. But us, we have to look at ourselves as the farmer, scattering the seeds, knowing
that we don't know which seed will actually take root, grow into a tree, and produce fruit.
But don't worry about that. Keep on scattering those seeds, and once those seeds are planted,
be patient, and watch them grow.
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Motivational Minute #33 - Seeds Planted, Patience

949 Folder Collection
Jack published on November 20, 2014
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