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- How long have you been drawing?
- Forever.
I came out with a pencil in my hand.
- No you didn't. - No, I didn't.
I made that up.
(upbeat electronic music)
What's up, Ernie?
How are you? - Good.
- Hi, Clara. - Hi.
- Nice to see you again.
Do you know what we're gonna draw today?
- Minecraft?
- Minecraft? No, no.
- Fidget spinners? - Next time.
Fidget spinners next time.
- We're gonna draw aliens.
- Aliens?
- Do you believe in aliens?
You think they exist? - No.
- No?
Do you think there are aliens out there?
- No.
- Do you believe in aliens?
- I kinda do.
If the universe is so big,
then I think that there is maybe
other things living on other planets.
They might even be here.
- Most of those kind of stories aren't real.
- Um,
should we just get into the drawing then?
Maybe we can start to imagine what an alien might look like?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, let's just get started.
Okay, what comes to your mind?
Just start telling me stuff.
- Well it comes from Jupiter.
- [Koji] From Jupiter?
Okay, so they came from Jupiter.
- I imagine they have three antennas
and circles on like the top of the antennas.
- [Koji] At the ends? That's pretty cute.
- They're either completely black.
- Okay.
- They can also x-ray.
- [Koji] Oh, x-ray? Okay.
- They have one eye.
- One eye?
- An eye inside of their eye.
- [Koji] There's an eye inside the eye?
That's pretty cool actually.
- Has to grab people with his hands
and he stretches out his tongue
and the tongue reaches into your sockets
and he grabs the eyes out and eats it.
That's how he grows his eyes.
- Does he have a big mouth?
- Like this.
- [Koji] What kind of sounds do you think
it makes with a mouth like that?
(beeping noises)
(gargling and intense noises)
Bop! (laughing)
- They have horns that are sharp.
And they have a body of a horse.
- [Koji] Of a horse?
- It has a body, you know, like a body of an ant.
For each hand it's like something different.
Like this one reading a book,
this one drawing, this one playing with toys.
- It has batteries inside of it.
- Batteries inside?
But what does the outside look like?
What kind of-- - Like a car, car, car.
- [Koji] Like a car?
- You could make to look like it's slimy.
Like green putty.
Sort of green slimy stuff. (chuckling)
- [Koji] Compared to a human, how big would it be?
- It's three blocks high.
- Oh, so he's huge then?
And you said he has sharp teeth.
- [Maddox] Very sharp.
- The hood is this way.
And it has wheels for feet.
- Wheels for feet?
So it's like that?
And then down here are the wheels.
- He could also teleport
and he could also be invisible.
I wish I could teleport and be invisible.
I would probably play a trick on my mom
and when she called my name,
I'd turn invisible and then she can't find me.
- Where does he live in Jupiter?
In a house?
- On a mountain. - On a mountain?
- An asteroid.
- He has a garage, he has a garage.
- Underwater. - Underwater?
- [Clara] There's fish sort of swimming in the water
next to the alien.
- [Koji] Do you think they are the same as fish here?
- No they're rainbow fish.
Red and orange, yellow, and green,
and blue and purple.
- [Crystal] This one is doing the worm.
- The worm?
Can you show me how the worm dance
with your hand looks like?
- It's like being a worm.
- Okay.
What does he eat?
- [Boy] Metal.
- Metal?
- And it eats humans, too.
- It eats humans? Okay.
We'll make some legs stickin' out of here.
What do you think so far?
Good? Bad?
Everyone's a critic. (laughing)
There are books in outer space?
- Alien books that teach them
how to zap villains.
- [Koji] How to Zap Villains.
Is he friendly?
- No, no, he is not friendly at all.
Do you see his teeth? Do you see his eyes?
- He's a bad guy.
- He's a bad guy?
- [Boy] Yeah, 'cause he eats humans.
- [Koji] Maybe he just does that 'cause he's hungry.
- No, it's because he's a bad guy, that's why.
- [Koji] What would you do if you met the alien?
- [Ernie] Pew!
- You'd shoot him?
- Yeah, aliens are scary.
Pew, pew, pew, pew.
- What are you drawing?
- [Koji] I'm putting, like, saliva on there.
- Okay, the saliva's from Koji, not me.
- It's my personal touch.
Well does she have a name?
- Beep Bee. - Beep Bee?
- Slimy.
- [Koji] That's a nice name.
- The reason why I called him Mr. Nice Guy
is because it's funny because he's not nice at all,
and calling him Mr. Nice Guy is just really funny.
- Maybe he just has to eat eyes because
he has to, you know?
But maybe's he's actually kind of a friendly guy.
He just happens to, you know, this is what he eats.
Are you ready to?
- Yeah.
- Introduce our alien?
- Three--
- [Both] Two,
- This is what we think an alien looks like.
- This is an alien.
- This is what an alien would look like.
- This is Mr. Nice Guy, hide your eyes.
- It's an alien eating a human.
- Good job, Clara.
Do you like it? - Yeah.
- Thank you, Koji.
- Thank you Crystal, that was fun.
- Beep boop, bop! (laughing)
- Hey I'm Koji the illustrator.
Thanks for watching.
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Cool. (upbeat electronic music)
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Kids Describe Aliens to an Illustrator

7509 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on September 11, 2017    JT translated    黃艾瑄 reviewed
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