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  • >>Isaac:Hello again This is Isaac with DFW IT Department.

  • I wanted to take a few moments to explain a way you can animate images

  • you create in illustrator.

  • I'd like to point out that this method requires

  • Photoshop to generate the animation, but all the drawing and animating is done

  • in illustrator.

  • I believe the technical term for what we'll be doing is 'animating through layers'.

  • You start off by creating your image in illustrator.

  • Once you create the image, duplicate the layer its on.

  • Duplicating layers in illustrator (CS3) requires the use of the layer menu

  • because there is no shortcut key.

  • Then, you simply modify the copied layer to make the next frame.

  • Duplicate the modified copy, change it to create the next frame, and repeat.

  • This is why I enjoy this method. I prefer illustrator when creating. For me,

  • It’s just easier. I like being able to move things consistently

  • with the arrow key, and scaling them by % if needed.

  • Once you finish creating your animation to layers you can preview it by

  • making the layers invisible one at a time from the top down.

  • Once you're happy with how your animation looks you export it to PSD.

  • Make sure to preserve your layers

  • Open your image in Photoshop and crop it to the preferred size.

  • Using the animation tools found under window animation, duplicate frame 1 to create all

  • your frames then go through each frame and make all

  • the layers invisible except for the layer that corresponds

  • to the frame you are on.

  • A faster way to do this would be to make all layers invisible before duplicating

  • the frames. Then you could simply make the layer visible

  • on the frame it corresponds to.

  • I'd like to also point out that there are limitations to this method,

  • most of which are based on the computer you're using.

  • When I attempt large complex animations I typically run out of memory

  • and Illustrator crashes.

  • If this video has been helpful please hit the like button and leave a comment below.

  • Thanks for watching.

>>Isaac:Hello again This is Isaac with DFW IT Department.

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