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Hello, this is Kim Jong-un
and since all of you requested this from your Supreme Leader
here is my Draw My Life
I was never really born
I descended from above
All who where there then have sworn
that I was brought here by a dove
When my body touched the ground
Double rainbows filled the sky
Those who followed it then found me there
the babe that didn't cry
I was raised by Kim Jong-il
As a son and a trainee
Papa taught me how to kill
and how to drive was three
In my school I was the best
I excelled at every sport
I passed every single test
but shined the brightest on the court
One day the world will bow to me
Kim Jong-un
They'll beg and plea
on bended knee
'Cause they all love Kim Jong-un
I spent time in Switzerland
With their chocolate and their cheese
There I really learned first hand
how well they have it overseas
I got hooked on all their sweets
Ate a lot of this and that
Gorged on every single treat
till I got very big and ...
By the time I was fifteen
I had women all around
I can't count all that I've been with
all my talents are renowned
Every time I step outside
I need guards to push them back
It just cannot be denied
there not a single thing I lack
But just like all the other Draw My Lifes
I've had a struggle
Not getting bullied, no
it was my weight
No matter which new diet
I would grow like some big bubble
I couldn't quite control how much I ate!
So I talked to my father, who was smart and very wise
He gave me quite the excellent idea
We decided that to lose weight without doing exercise
I would outlaw every food in North Korea
Now my subjects have no food
But I doubt they mind a lot
After all it would be rude to question me
you would be shot!
you would be shot!
you would be shot!
Maybe now I will get thin
Then my father would be proud
Yes he probably would have been
if he were somehow still around
When my father finally died
all his work still unfulfilled
Every North Korean cried
well, if they didn't, they were killed
As my destiny decreed
As my destiny decreed
I stepped up to take the reigns
I'll protect all those in need
and free my people from their chains!
lol jk..
definitely not doing that....
I'm funny! :)
One day the world will bow to me
Kim Jong-un
They'll beg and plea
on bended knee
'Cause they all
Kim Jong
Kim Jong-un
Okay lady, good drawing...
bye bye!
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DRAW MY LIFE - Kim Jong-un

2285 Folder Collection
Zenn published on April 28, 2013
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