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  • I took my pet to the vet 'cause her tummy was upset.

  • When we got there to the vet, my pet started to sweat.

  • And waiting was a dog, plus a chicken and a frog.

  • I said, how do you do?

  • They all said--

  • ALL: We have the flu!

  • BOY: Then a piglet came out, with a happy-looking snout,

  • and he said to my pet--

  • PIGLET: There's no need to be upset.

  • Vets make pets feel real well.

  • I was sick, so I can tell that the truth is, in the end, vets

  • are really pets' best friend.

  • BOY: And that vet saw my pet.

  • And she picked her up and rocked her.

  • And my pet could tell that vet was a very nice pet doctor.

  • The vet said to my pet--

  • VET: Hm, you're all covered with sweat.

  • And your tummy sounds upset.

  • But I'll make you feel well yet.

  • BOY: And before I could get to recite the alphabet, the vet

  • made sure my pet was as good as pets can get.

  • And the pet and the vet danced a silly minuet, 'cause I guess

  • somehow they knew she would make them feel good, too.

  • ALL: All the pets are gonna feel real good, real good, all

  • the pets are gonna feel real good.

  • Uh-huh!

  • All the pets are gonna feel real good, real good.

  • All the pets are gonna feel real good.

  • So please, don't forget, to be sure and tell your pet that

  • they shouldn't get upset when you take them to the vet!

  • To the vet!


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