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It’s the end of the day
and you are exhausted.
You had a brutal day of classes
punctuated by the world’s most gruelling workout.
Your muscles feel like jello
and your brain feels like mush.
Uhh! On a day like this,
nothing can make you feel better or can it.
or can it.
Actually, there’s something that can.
It’s fluffy and playful
and it has four legs.
Or maybe it’s feathery with two legs.
That’s right! You guess it!
On today’s Wellcast, we’ll be talking about pets
and how they can actually improve your mood
and your health.
Hey, we are not telling you to just go out and buy a pet.
Instead, we’re gonna teach you
why spending time with cute little fuzzy animals
will actually improve your mental and physical health.
We’ll also help you figure out
how to spend time with animals
even if you can’t have a pet your own.
So, what can spending time with a pet do for you?
A study published by the Journal of Royal Society of Medicine in Jolly Old, England
that dog owners, cat owners, and owners of fluffy little hamsters,
generally found that minor ailments improved
when they spend time with their pets!
Furthermore, a study by the American Heart Association,
found that people’s blood pressure drops significantly by merely petting animals.
These could be any animals not just their own beloved pets.
How do we know? Well
researchers with the AMA
gave 48 volunteers a series of difficult math problems.
while measuring their blood pressure and other stress indicators.
Half of them were given a temporary pet to spend time with.
So, when the volunteers came back
to do more incredibly difficult Math problem six weeks later,
those who spend time with pets over the course of six weeks
didn’t show the kind of stress reactions that the pet free folks had.
They were more mellow, more calm,
better able to think rationally about the problem
than those who didn’t have any quality pet time.
Clearly, animals are awesome!
But, if you’re not one of the 62% of American households who have a pet,
what should you do?
Well, we Wellcast have got a couple suggestions for you.
Pause and print out our PDF at watchwellcast.com
Got it?
This worksheet will teach you our four-legged method
to get you spending time with animals.
Now, leg one of our worksheet,
This is pretty straightforward.
Think of all the friends in your circle
and think of all the pets that they have.
Next, make a list of your top five favorite pets.
It sounds silly but don’t worry.
We have another leg for this.
Leg two, reach out.
Call up your friends and ask how you could get involved with their pet life.
Don’t forget! Pets are a big responsibility
and everybody needs help time to time.
So if you ask them if you could walk a dog once a week,
or maybe be the first person that they call when they go on vacation,
it won’t be that weird.
Leg three, volunteer!
Another great way to get quality animal time in
is to volunteer at your local animal shelter.
Not only are you going to be connecting with your community
but you’ll be connecting with a wonderful little puppy or kitten.
or something else that needs some TLC
and on top of all of that,
you’ll be lowering your blood pressure, and stress as well.
Not sure how to start?
Check out this National Registry of Animal Shelters
or look up a shelter on Google.
Write down their contact information on your worksheet
and then give them a call.
Leg four, schedule.
Once you’ve arranged the time to volunteer at a shelter,
schedule your quality pet dates around that
so call a buster’s person, soft person, and fluffy person.
and schedule some quality pet time.
Try for an hour a week just to start.
To recap,
today on Wellcast, we taught you
why spending some time with your favorite non-human cuddly friend
was actually beneficial to your health.
We also taught you a four-legged method
to get you to spend some animal quality time of your own
even if you don’t have a pet at home.
After spending some time with pets, how do you feel?
Tweet us @watchWellCast
E-mail us at [email protected]
or leave a comment down below
We’ll see you next time!
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Wellcast - How Pets Improve Your Mood

24176 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on April 24, 2014
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