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• From the possible colonisation of other worlds to clothes that will automatically
clean themselves when you step into sunlight, we count 15 technological advances predicted
by wise minds for the future of our species within the next 50 years or so
15 - Autonomous Robots, • This is one that could go very well, or
destroy human life as we know it - robots capable of performing independent functions
to help mankind • We already have this technology to a small
degree in missiles and helicopters that can automatically fly themselves, and despite
wide protest to stop the development of machines that can fight wars for us Skynet-style, it's
highly possible we may turn to this technology to prevent human lives being wasted on the
battlefield • Just imagine an arms race producing death
robots of greater and greater magnitude, stronger and smarter than human beings with each passing
model 14 - Moon Colonisation,
• You might turn around to say, well, what's the point of building a moon-base when there's
nothing on it and no point being there? • In 2009 the LCROSS probe discovered ice
that can be melted down into water near the lunar south pole, catapulting the possibility
and opportunities of a permanent expedition to the Moon
• An international group of companies and governments are already building concept plans
for a moon base that'll use resources of the moon to expand the sphere of human influence,
and though it'll take time, you can almost guarantee we'll have a permanent human prescience
on the Moon just as we do in space with the International Space Station
13 - Replicators, • Sure we already have 3D printers and we
can already create a vast number of useful things, but in the next 10 years alone you're
going to start to see them create things like a Star Trek replicator
• Soon they'll be as inexpensive as a HDTV, one in every home, download blueprints from
the internet to create a birthday cake or a Rolex watch - even car parts providing you
need them • It even has uses in practical medicines
- imagine the day when you can download and print organs you need to replace, or even
sooner than that, build prescription medicine using a basic formula from inside your own
home 12 - Longer Life,
• In the last 50 years alone, the average life expectancy has gone up from 65 to 75
with dramatic rises as you look back further to the beginning of basic medicine
• With nanotechnology, little robots swimming through your bloodstream fixing problems before
they arise, that average could easily exceed 110, 50 years from today
• Parents could choose their children's traits before they're even born, eliminate
biological defects, but with longer life come social implications - if your life expectancy
has doubled, what does it mean for a career, retirement, marriage - bearing children? Will
people even WANT to stay in a single relationship for a hundred years anymore?
11 - Batteries, • Right now it's a massive problem in the
industry that phone and laptop batteries can only last one or two days used frequently,
but there's been some progress • Soon you'll be able to throw your phone
in a bowl when you get home from work and it'll wirelessly charge it - you'll also find
flexible batteries used for wearable wrist screens
• But most importantly, a team of researchers at the Department of Energy Oak Ridge National
Laboratory has started testing batteries that could last well over 50 years with one charge
- not only a revolution for smartphones, but also pacemakers, removing the need for surgery
every 10 years and instead allow it to last an entire lifetime
• The best part? This technology isn't even that far off, you'll start hearing about it
in the next 10 years 10 - Drinkable Ocean Water,
• Of course, this won't mean our oceans will be transformed into desalted drinking
water - that'd kill a huge amount of underwater species
• But the ability to build solar power plants that can strip the salt from ocean water using
residual heat en masse, providing drinkable water for regions of the world currently experiencing
droughts without running out because, well, you have the entire ocean to work with
• You might even see this technology come out in 20-30 years, and though it won't solve
hunger problems at least it'll quench our thirsts till 3D printers can cook us up a
roast ham using sawdust and toothpicks 9 - Self-Cleaning Clothes,
• Engineers in China have already developed a coating for clothes that will eliminate
stains and odour-producing bacteria, and all you have to do is step into the sun
• In South Korea they've eliminated the need to use detergent, by instead getting
you to dunk your clothes into a tank filled with robotic fish who clean them for you
• The fish robots are able to detect dirt and grime on clothes using sensors, whereupon
they will suck the grime from your clothes and squirt jelly to absorb dirt, which also
prevents oxidation and discolouration 8 - Fat Pill,
• It's possible in the next 10 to 20 years that we might be able to swallow a pill that
will stop us from getting fat based on what we eat
• Of course, it won't stop us from getting lazy or unfit, but for those with obesity
problems and eating disorders it may be a lifesaver - genetically modified rats are
already able to eat and eat and never gain weight, it's simply a matter of transferring
it to humans • If we're able to control weight, we might
use the same technology to treat or eliminate diseases affecting our bodies
7 - Invisible Computers, • Over the years, we've seen technology
get smaller and smaller - micro SD cards sold dirt cheap at high capacity, phones the size
of a fingernail • Eventually we'll reach the point where
they'll be so small, and so powerful in terms of computing that we won't even see them - they'll
be in our clothes, inside rings, watches and contact lenses with no need for keyboard input
• We're already on the verge of a wearable computing age, but within 50 years our lives
will be so intertwined with technology that you won't even be able to take a dump without
robots being involved 6 - Memory Storage,
• With Google Glass and similar products slowly starting to appear, we're going to
see a massive advance in the realm of image and video storage
• Just imagine you're watching your kid take his first steps and you realise you didn't
have time to record it, well, the tech built into your head will have automatically done
it for you • Instead of trying to remember a thing
that happened, you simply access the file on that date and time and watch a highlight
reel of it - it'll be like smartphone recording only 10x more efficient
5 - Cancer, • One would HOPE that cancer will be a thing
of the past 50 years from now, but you can't deny it's a pretty uphill battle with some
researchers claiming it'll never be cured because of the way humans are naturally built
• But what we look to are better treatments, less invasive medicine - which may come in
the form of chemotherapy nanoparticles, mini robots that will heavily reduce pain and side
effects • Not only that, but it'll even make the
treatment more effective specifically tracking and eliminating dangerous cells which may
continue to grow in your body 4 - Reversing Climate Change,
• Despite all the warning signs of climate change running rampant the world over, society
as a whole hasn't taken enough steps to prevent permanent damage down the line
• What we CAN do is manually reduce it for ourselves by geoengineering projects to reduce
carbon emissions in our atmosphere, to literally suck the fumes we produce in our daily lives
out of the sky and render them harmless • Basic plans have already begun, which
also include artificial trees and ocean fertilisation but the projects haven't been backed on an
international scale as of yet 3 - Digital Existence,
• We can't anticipate what leaps and bounds technology will undertake in the next 50 years,
I mean just look at virtual reality - we thought he had it back in 1995, but even today 20
years later we're only barely tapping the potential
• If you've watched the movie Transcendence starring Johnny Depp, you'll understand what
I mean by a digital existence where you take the human brain and upload it to a cloud service,
effectively making you immortal • There's a hefty chance 50 years is a bit
generous in discovering this technology, but what you WILL see are the first whisperings
of it - plans and tests, followed by mice getting successfully uploaded to a cloud some
time later, then monkeys, then humans, followed by expensive procedures and eventually a wide
rollout - providing we can map the quadrillion connections between all the brain's neurons
first • Until then, get your cryogenic chambers
ready - you're gonna need 'em 2 - App Doctors,
• These technically already exist, but they haven't been adopted into mainstream medicine
yet - exactly what it sounds like, an app that can detect what is wrong with you and
prescribe medication • It'll measure your heart rate, respiration,
saliva and blood tests too - basic functions that'll get more advanced as technology moves
forward • The reason they aren't used professionally
is because the medical industry don't feel they've gotten quite to the point of being
officially used - you don't want to measure someone's face and prescribe them anti-stupid
pills when they're fine 1 - Dark Matter
• It accounts for over 23 percent of the universe, but we can't see what it is, but
maybe within 20 years or so we'll have the technology to unlock its secrets
• The reason we know about it is because we can see the magnetic field in space pulling
everything towards it and yet we can't identify the source
• Some suggest our universe exists inside the ring of a supermassive black hole slowly
pulling us towards the center, and that multiple realities exists when you cross the event
horizon found in the center • Whatever the answer, we'll be one step
closer to discovering the mystery behind our universe
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15 Futuristic Technologies You'll See In Your Lifetime

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hello published on October 2, 2015
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