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It's time to gear up for CES 2015.
I'm Bridget Carey, and this is your CNET update.
The consumer electronics show is almost here.
It's the biggest technology event of the year
As companies around the world gather in Las Vegas to show off their latest gizmos.
CNET always brings your live cover streaming throughout the week.
But this time, we're spicing it up a little bit with the new second stage called Tech West.
Where we spotlight emerging products and interview innovators
We'll get up close with prototypes in new categories
like 3D printing, robotics, smart home sensors.
And well…some things that don't even have a category yet.
Those are gonna be a few big things this year to watch out for
There's lots of buzz around the smart home, ever since Apple debuted smart home interface
called HomeKit, which lets iPhones and iPads control home appliances
We'll finally see products that work with HomeKit
so you can command appliances by talking to Siri.
Virtual reality is another big topic and that also includes augmented reality.
Which is when you have a screen that sort of floats in front of you
Thanks to a pair of goofy looking glasses.
Let's hope someone invented a way to not make you cross-eyed or motion sick.
Cars are also getting a version of this with a heads-up display.
You put these transparent screens on your dashboard
to show directions or get phone and music information.
SenseDriver will be showing off one that cost 100 dollars.
Television tech always gets big play. Last year, there was much talk about 4K ultra HD televisions
and some that bend, and some that curve.
There's a new term to learn this year, Quantum Dot.
It's expected Samsung will have a quantum dot TV.
And LG already teased its quantum dot TV.
It allowed for a more wider color palette
and improved saturation compare to standard LCD TVs.
It sounds quite impressive. There are nanocrystal involved.
But we'll have to inspect it for ourselves to see how much brighter it really is and to see how much it will cost.
As for other TV tech, you'll still hear about 4K ultra HD TV.
But you'll hear more about 4K content. After all, what good is an ultra HD TV if you can't get video in ultra HD resolution.
And even though the world isn't ready for it yet,
LG will show off a 55-inch 8K display
which has more than 32 million pixels.
Yes. CES is full of crazy.
Another big theme will be wearable tech as everyone hopes to get an edge on the Apple Watch
For health, gadgets need to do more than just track steps.
They need to continuously track your heart rate and maybe a few other things.
CNET update will be taking a break for the holidays
but you can find us back covering the 2015 international CES from Las Vegas.
And you can stay updated in the meantime at
From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.
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The big trends to watch at CES 2015

51230 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on August 20, 2015
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