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Going to bed at a reasonable hour
contract what you used to believed is extremely cool
Naps are wonderful, beautiful, incredible things that nobody can keep away from
almost every book or movie you loved as a child had extremely questionable moral lessons
In order to see your friends, you actually have to make effort to see your friends
getting ask for an ID at bars is not fun and exciting, it's tedious
hangovers are real
networking is the most necessary and most evil of all necessary evils
all the qualities you used to find attractive another people were done
your parents are actually pretty cool
At some point, you have to be gradually admit that keeping track of your finances is probably a good idea
bars with ample seating and mid-level music are far superior to bars with PC and loud music
I don't know I just really related to the funniest video
What I am doing with my life is the daily question
not burning down your house every time you enter the kitchen is the necessary life skill
every way you ever worry your hair was wrong and embarrasing
you'd rather have a few really good friends than a bunch of kinda sort of friends
Oh my God! Time flies isn't just a keep saying
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15 Shocking Facts You Learn In Your Twenties

19543 Folder Collection
Sunny Hsu published on October 2, 2014    Sunny Hsu translated    彭彥婷 reviewed
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