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I’m gonna tell you the name of some things you know of but didn’t know they had names.
We’ll talk about that.
Good Mythical Morning. Thanks for joining us today.
This episode is brought to you by words you didn’t know.
Not really because we’re not being paid by words that you didn’t know.
Are you ready to learn some words? Hey here’s the thing.
There’s things out there all the time that are part of…what it is? product placement?
Yes. Dude. That’s really settle. At what point, you’re gonna decide to listen to me?
I’m listening. I’m just doing a product placement. We talked about this ahead of time.
I’m gonna point at the mug as I drink.
There are objects in every day…you’re gonna have to stop.
There are objects in everyday life that we just don’t know that they have names.
So we called them things like thing of the jig. Thing of the mob that what my mom used.
My mom called the television remote that womeny doodle for the longest time.
Can you believe that? I don’t know where that name came from.
My parents call it the channel thing. The channel thing? Yea.
Well…it’s called a remote. and that’s not one of the fifteen words I’m gonna take you to now.
Where’s the channel thing?
I’m gonna give you the term of something that you know about but you didn’t name that this term is applied to it.
Make sense and then you’re gonna guess what the term applies to.
And then, once you get it wrong, I’m gonna tell you what it really applied.
So I’m gonna try to give you the definition of a word and you’re gonna tell me what it really mean.
Exactly. Dude. I’m gonna get this a lot of rights.
Okay. cause I know a lot.
Okay. see what I got now. I got my little bit of a laptop here.
You can’t cheat by looking at my notes here.
I don’t need to cheat.
Term number one, lunule
What did you think that is, Rhett?
Uh. This is a zit that you get from standing outside during a lunar eclipse.
Lune. I got a little lunule right there. I stood outside too long. Look, there’s a little lunule. I gotta pop it.
No. but it is a body part. So you are at least that close.
It is the crescent shape bit thing at the base of your fingernail.
Term number two, glabella. Glabella.
What is that?
Well. like the flagella which is the appendage that a bacteria uses or bacterium uses to locomote.
This is an overlooked appendage. Little smaller. It’s like you would see my glabella is, if weren’t for my flagella.
I wish that were it.
But that’s not it. It is the space between your eyebrows.
The glabella? Yea. Or the space underneath your unibrow.
A tittle. Oh. That’s a third nipple.
That’s an easy one. You’ve heard of this one. That’s right.
Yeah, I getta get my tittle removed. It’s a little embarrassing.
No. it is not that… it is a dot over an I or J. like the small distinguishing mark.
A zarf is an especially violent or long distance project out vomit.
It’s like…do you see that guy? His zarf forty feet. He must be really sick.
I thought you were gonna guess like the name of an alien.
I mean it. If I was gonna write screenplay with an alien
His name will be bizarf. It is like an alien.
It’s an alien’s projectile vomit. Yeah. Let’s combine it to it.
No. it is the cardboard holder for your coffee cup. Like paper coffee cup at a Starbucks.
That’s not a zarf. It’s a cardboard thing holder.
Next one, frisson. What’s a frisson?
Okay this is a sort of half-hearted, very fast risking.
He kind of gave me a frisson. He’s acting like he didn’t care when I was by the counter bend on my body. Just gave me a little frisson.
No. this is the sudden passing sensational excitement.
Goosebumps. A shutter up of emotion.
Huh. I get that all time.
Chills. Yeah. Like when you’re hearing. Frisson.
When you’re hearing a song, you get chills. That’s like when Mariah Carey hits that note.
Yeah. That happens to me every Christmas.
It’s also a reddit fed where people just post things that will make you frission.
Next one, petrichor. Never heard of this one.
Umm… use some word clue. The petrichor means rock. It’s the middle of a rock.
No. it’s not c-o-r-e. it’s c-h-o-r.
It’s that pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a long drought.
I love petrichor. Can I make that a cologne? I’m petrichor. Yeah. We can do that.
Rhett Link present. That smell of the rain. That’s really good.
Write that down. Petrichor.
Here’s another one. Interrobang.
This may be my favorite term on the whole thing.
This is easy. This is when a large group of people berate to you a question.
I’ve been interrobang. People came up just to interrobang me. and I had to give them an answer.
No. it is a punctuation mark. It is the combination of a question mark in an exclamation point superimposed on top of each other.
You know how you say something like. You did what, question mark exclamation point.
Well…there was actually a tight. I mean there was a typeset letter that was a combination of the two.
Huh. Invented in 1962. That’s good to know.
It’s fallen out abuse. I’m gonna use it more often now. Interrobang.
Also a great name of a band. That doesn’t’ exist.
We can form a band call interrobang and sell a cologue called petrichor.
Next word, ferrule. Ferrule.
How do you spell it? It’s like a cat that doesn’t have a home.
f-e double r u-l-e. Ferrule.
It is an especially sophisticated feral cat.
Nope. It’s the metal part on the end of the pencil.
Next word, paresthesia.
This is when Paris no longer moves you. You’ve been there so many times. I’ve developed paresthesia.
No. this is the sensation you feel after you experience obdormition. Huh?
Obdormition. When your arm falls asleep. You haven’t heard of obdormition either?
No. man, you really need some help here.
So parethesia is the pins and needles feeling that you get after your arm falls asleep.
Okay. I think it makes more sense than what I tell it was.
Well. that’s not true.
Next one, wamble.
That’s who we grow with. Holly Womble. They are the wombles.
It’s a good family. No. with an a. w-a-m-b-l-e
Distant cousins of the Wombles.
No. it is a verb for when you stomach…your stomach womble. Marsh domble.
When your stomach growled, that is wombling. Okay.
Dysania. Dysania. Dysania. Yes.
This is a underground adults only thing at Disney world. Hahaha
Hey baby, listen. I got tickets to this dysania. Just me and you baby. Yeah.
The kids gotta stay up there on its small world and we’re going to dysania.
I with that were true. No. it is the state of finding it hard to get off bed in the morning.
Well. I get that all the time. had it this morning.
If you go to dysania…especially when you spend a night in dysania. You’ll get a dysania later.
Phosphene. What is phosphene mean?
This is somone’s addicted to fuss. What was fuss? I don’t know but someone is phosphene.
It is the phenomenon characterized by the experience of seen light without light actually entering the eye.
You know when you like close your eyes really quick, you can still see stuff.
Yes. Phosphene. You’re seeing phosphene.
This is a purlicue? Is a south Pacific dish consist of barbecue made exclusively from pearls
No. it is the space between the thumb and the four fingers. This is the purlicue. Right in there.
Oh come on. That doesn’t have a name.
Two more, philtrum.
Philtrum? Philtrum. This is the act of getting filling a haircut.
No. you’re just been stupid 99% of a try.
It is the glue located just below the nose and above the middle of the mouth.
It’s all body parts man. Right here.
The philtrum. Everybody’s got them. You should know what it is.
A philtrum? That’s call the stache’s zone. Philtrum. Right there.
And lastly, mondegreen.
This is obviously a color. It’s green with a little mondy in it.
A mondegreen is a miss heard lyric. Oh.
When you think something’s like… you think tiny dancers as tony danza.
Yeah. Don’t go wrong to that hey, just bound to take your life. There’s a bathroom on the right.
That’s a mondegreen. Yeah. No one thinks that. He didn’t actually.
Excuse me, while I kiss this guy. Yeah. That’s a good one. That’s a mondegreen.
You’ve learned something today. You can thank me later.
You know what time it is.
Hi. I’m Darren from ? it’s time to spin the wheel of celery.
You like this mug? You wanna win one?
You need to participate in the 12 days of mythical Christmas or it’s the 12 mythical days of Christmas. Both.
I think is that. You can also win eleven other things, exclusively on our facebook page.
Rhett is link’s hard of hearing grandpa.
You seem really fond…huh?
You seem really fond. huh?
You seem… are you talking to me?
You seem. Yes, I’m talking to you. You seem really fond of this mug.
Are you talking to me? yes. I’m looking at you. Can you not see there?
I thank you trying to talk to me. now listen. I told you this before when you wanna let me know it is me you’re talking to.
You got a grandma face.
The other day I sit day in a car. And Link says what is that cologue? Cause it just gave me, it gives me an instant headache.
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15 Words For Things You Didn't Know Had Names

23098 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on January 31, 2015
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