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  • WOMAN 1: You have a nice day, too.

  • Christine, l'm having trouble with the connection here.

  • l can't seem to get through.

  • l think so. Yeah, l think that's better.

  • WOMAN 2: You have a person to person call, Fairfax 2231.

  • WOMAN 3: Long distance. Sorry, can you repeat?

  • l'll connect you right away, ma'am.

  • Thanks.

  • Mrs. Collins?


  • l'm Captain J.J. Jones, Lincoln Park Juvenile Division.

  • My office supervises all runaway and missing child cases,

  • including your son's, and...

  • He's alive, Mrs. Collins.

  • (GASPS)

  • (SOBS)

  • He was picked up two days ago by local police in DeKalb, Illinois.

  • He's safe and unhurt.


  • He was in the company of some drifter. We have an APB out for him,

  • but he's safe.

  • Thank you so much.

  • SANDY: Oh, Christine...

  • That is so great.


  • Thank you.

  • (SOBS)

WOMAN 1: You have a nice day, too.

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