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  • Hi lovely people of Food Tube.

  • Today I am in my home. Yes! My house, and I'm going to cook for you

  • perfect steak a'la pizzaiola.

  • Also you can use on top of pasta.

  • Also you can use this particular sauce for making fish.

  • Can cook again and everything.

  • It's warm. It likes to be hold together by the family.

  • And this is what I want to do today. Right, pot straight on gas.

  • Olive oil.

  • Come on.

  • This is a so beautiful. This is sirloin. You can use any kind of meat.

  • You season a little bit. Salt. Little pepper. Come here. Come here.

  • Just cook them for a little bit. Turn it. Just for about 30 seconds each side.

  • At this stage you get a nice glass of white wine.

  • Let it evaporate. That lovely wine. Look at fantastic juice. The steak

  • by now, look at that, is done.

  • Get a plate. Remove it. Put them on the side.

  • Lets remove this one now.

  • Chilli.

  • So little chilli on the table. Just rmove the hat.

  • Oo hello. Eee! Little Pinocchio.

  • Now there's no wastage.

  • Slice the chilli.

  • Then I use garlic.

  • Garlic.

  • Just one. I will use about 3 clove of garlic.

  • 1-2-3.

  • Once you've crushed it. It's easy. You're going to chop the garlic.

  • Don't worry if you do it too thick. Anchovies. Very, very important to use anchovies.

  • That will give it that lovely sweetness.

  • Lets go to some olives. So this is where you just take the pips out.

  • Press between your finger.

  • Like this. Look, look! You turn it. Coo-coo! Chop it.

  • Then you get some capers.

  • Press it. See the juice coming out.

  • Put it on the side. Lets get all this tomato.

  • Just cut them in half.

  • Do not put them in the fridge.

  • Tomatoes grown up in the sun. It's like a strawberry. How many times have you been strawberry picking?

  • You go strawberry picking, you eat it. They're so delicious.

  • Then you buy strawberry and you put them inside the fridge. And then the next day you eat the strawberry

  • what do you eat? Cucumbers.

  • Tomatoes chopped. Let's go back on the heat, because all this going to go in.

  • Right, here we go. Lets grab them all together.

  • Good. All gone in. The smell is incredible. At this stage your oregano goes in.

  • Handful of oregano. Stir everything. Ah yes! Takes a few seconds. Lets put tomatoes inside.

  • Ey, yes! Give it a little stir.

  • I need to put some water inside.

  • About one half a glass. I love this cup. This is mine! Handful of Parsley.

  • Remove the stalk. Chop it. Put them inside.

  • Little bit of salt, pepper. Straight in. Cover, and at this stage simmer it.

  • For about ten minutes.

  • Look at that. That's raining. Look at that lovely tomato. Look there explosion. Look a lovely marriage.

  • Now we've got to put the steak inside.

  • Slowly cover it.

  • Now I'm going to plate up. I need nice platter.

  • Oh my, my!

  • Now we want to get our sauce. Look at this beautiful sauce.

  • And this is the perfect steak a'la pizzaiola. Steak a'la pizzaiole. This is just perfect for two people.

  • You know what, cos we cooked this at home this dish reminds me of my childhood.

  • Remind me of all my family.

  • Please do cook it. It's ever so easy to do.Just put all the ingredients together. Lets enjoy

  • Don't forget to subscribe, because it's free.

  • And then we can cook more dish.

  • For now, I. Didn't say it properly. Guys, I love you, can I eat it?

  • Thank you. Ciao.

Hi lovely people of Food Tube.

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Sirloin Steak in Tomato Sauce | Gennaro Contaldo

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