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Well to start the show off, we've got two lovely boys, we have got the one and only
JacksGap. Jack and Finn. You Tube phenomenons. Come on boys! We're
in the chill out chilli zone. I love chilli's and I love a bit of geeky and I've just found
out that these two boys don't like chilli's too much.
I don't mind them, when they're not too hot. I'll have a chilli every now and again. This
is quite something. Well look,
What's this one, I just picked it up. This is a beautiful habenero if I'm right.
Nope scotch bonnet, I must be going mad under the pressure of Food Tube live.
We've got the guys from the South Devon Chilli Company have racked us up with a whole load
of incredible chillis and obviously it's a little bit early in the season but we're going
to do a little bit of an initiation with one of the boys. Shall we geek out before then?
Are you sitting comfortably? Well if you're sitting comfortable then let's talk about
chillies. We love chilli's. You know I love a bit of chilli. Obviously they originally
came from South America but in these little bad boys here, but in these little things.
Here we go Alex, there's a little chemical called capsicum and actually it's the nearest
form of natural morphine on the planet. Well have you ever eaten chilli and it's given
you a wonderful sense of well being and happiness and elation?
Is that what it does? Other than pain. Well I've felt the pain.
It's a wonderful stimulant and you don't need drugs in this world, you just need chillis
man. You don't need cafe, you don't need expressos. You just need chillis in your pockets in the
morning. So shall we do a little bit of geek fest?
Yeah! Okay, dude. If you don't mind reading that
out and telling everyone dude. So close ups on our beautiful.
So this is hot wax, this is great for barbeques. From Hungary, used to make paprika. And smoked
paprika. That's good and it tastes like sweetcorn Really?
Did you make that up Finn? Nope, it says right there.
Nice, quite mild and presumably if it had been for paprika it would have been red. We
love to answer questions from you guys, so if you want to ask questions for Jack or Finn
or myself. Get it in at Food Tube. Now don't forget guys, we're kicking it off now. William
Hayes from Belgium, we are a global channel of course. He says I love your style of cooking,
love chilli's he's been growing them, 11 varieties. Can you give me some tips to use them. Well
listen, I'll be very quick and maybe I can get you guys to love a bit of chilli action.
The thing is, it depends on, the thing about chilli is, once you get over the heat you
can remove the seeds and the little white bit inside that the takes the really hottest
part of hear away. When you get to that you start noticing really fruity flavours, cherries,
peaches and everyone thinks of chilli as just being hot okay so what we want to do is work
with the heat you can blend, mix, dried or smoked chillies. You can grill them which
is beautiful, I bet DJ BBQ likes to. DJ BBQ, do you love to grill and blacken chillies?
Yeah jalapeños and all that stuff. Bit of oil, bit of lemon juice and just dress
it He looks like a chilli today
a silky chilli. We're going to be coming back to him and showing some things later. So we've
got a scotch bonnet here very hot, very fruity. Good for making jerks, that's jerk seasoning
ladies and gents. That is scovil 200,000. That sounds high.
Before we get onto the next one, I would like to cover JacksGap. One of you worked with
me in Chiswick That was Finn on the left.
Forgive me. So we worked together, what, a year and a half ago?
Yeah about that Union Jack's. Best few months of my life, I learnt so much about food
They are foodies and since then both of you have become a phenomena. So tell us, what's
the journey been for like you guys? Yeah it's been incredibly fun. We've been
doing it for about two years now, it's called Jack Gap. We started it on my gap year when
we were travelling around and it just sort of filmed what we were getting up to. Filming
mad things like eating cinnamon, not chillies. I've seen that! I wouldn't recommend it. It's
not good. I wouldn't recommend it at all.
What gave you the inspiration to do that? Well it's kind of a trend on youtube. It's
kind of a thing, so we thought we'd give it a go.
When you did that, I saw the pain in your eyes. When you did that obviously the audience
is a big deal for both of you guys and they must be telling you do to all sorts of disgusting
and weird and wonderful things all the time They've said to do the chilli challenge and
we haven't done it yet. So here we are and were going to do it now. We've saved it.
Now is the moment, now is the moment. So guys, I mean. Now I think how many suscribers have
you got to your channel? Just over 2 million?
Amazing and you guys are filming every day doing stuff?
Yeah, really enjoying it. Finn does more of the like graphics, designy
stuff. I do the filming, nothing like this! Not here, this is mega! Maybe one day.
This only happens once or twice a year. I can't afford it otherwise. Well look, it's
so nice to have you guys on the show. We're honoured to be here
And the idea, I presume your demographic is swayed to maybe younger crew?
Yes, mainly female. With a few men I think as well! Um so maybe
we can put some older people ony our network. The questions might change overnight, but
before we get into some chilli initiations. Pimentoes. You do this Jalapeño brother.
Right yes, used to make chipotle, chipolata is that what it says?
Chipotle Is the most well known ie. Pizza topping.
Okay American Hot
Oh so that what it's for? Used to make chilli peppers and it's medium and the scovil units
are 2,500 to 5,000. Okay, so if I may I'm going to introduce the
one you're going to eat. So Jacks Gap. One of them, is going to be eating a chilli, guys.
Um and this is called, wait for it. "Ring of Fire"
Oh the name! Brilliant! Thank you Jamie.
You're more than welcome. It's a beautiful thing. It's a cayenne type chilli, used in
Thai cooking. Red or green. I like Thai cooking
Yes, so it's hot. Um I think, I think it's time we maybe did a challenge. So the question
is who is going to do the challenge? Why don't we all take a bite?
You getting Jamie into this? Brilliant! I've got to run a show!
What if we do it at the same time? What if me and Finn do it at the same time?
Okay, okay. This is like 90,000 scovils Do you have any tips when eating it or do
you just go for it? There you go there's a nice big one.
You pick one for me Jamie. Oaky so for all of you fans of jacks Gap.
Hopefully the boys will be back in one piece tomorrow. If not you'll find them live, from
the toilet. So I guess, I wasn't supposed to do it. I've got to run a show but maybe
we'll No you have to do it mate, we'll all do it.
Okay, good luck. Is this meant to be spicy? I've got nothing
here, it's fine. It's fine mate. There's a little after kick to it.
Oh yeah, oh yeah. It's going up the nose. It's a grower.
Is it good for you, cleared your? So it will encourage sweating, which will
basically cools you down in hot countries. Right now this is stimulating serotonin or
dopamine or one of those types in the brain. My tongue.
Other than that nose sweat. Can we bring in some yoghurt please?
I'd like that. I can't even talk. Thank you so much.
Here Jamie have some of that. The thing to have when you've burnt yourself
on chilli, is dairy, yoghurt. Don't drink beer it makes it 3 times worse . Did you have
a different chilli to me because I'm burning here. But literally, this does thin the blood.
So it's good for you. It's a natural antiseptic. And it does make food wonderful.
Are you alright boys? Yeah I feel really wonderful, I really recommend
that. Don't forget to subscribe and when you do
subscribe hot the little settings box and make sure we can email you so when there's
a new video we can let you know. Take care, love you lots. Big love to the food tube posse.
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JacksGap chilli challenge with Jamie Oliver

1973 Folder Collection
盧怡靜 published on September 8, 2013
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