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  • JAMIE: Come on, come on!

  • DYLAN: Oh, you're showing me Times Square!

  • This is not touristy at all.

  • JAMIE: Oh, would you shush?

  • Come on.

  • DYLAN: So everybody just kind of walks--

  • JAMIE: OK.

  • DYLAN: Wherever they want then?

  • JAMIE: How 'bout right here?

  • DYLAN: What do you mean?

  • JAMIE: We're here.



  • DYLAN: My god, it's 1988.

  • JAMIE: All right, smartass.

  • Give it five seconds.



  • DYLAN: What is this?

  • JAMIE: It's a flash mob!

  • DYLAN: Do these people get paid for this?

  • JAMIE: Uh, no!

  • No, they kinda just do it for fun.

  • It's nice to feel like you're a part of something.

  • New York can be a little bit lonely at times.

  • DYLAN: And you're trying to sell me on it?

  • JAMIE: Every place can be a bit lonely sometimes.


  • DYLAN: I'm in.

  • JAMIE: What?

  • DYLAN: You sold me.

  • JAMIE: Really?

  • DYLAN: I'll take the job.

  • JAMIE: Oh my god!

  • DYLAN: What are you?

  • Surprised?

  • JAMIE: Well, no!

  • No!

  • Oh, you are gonna crush it!

  • Amazing!

  • You can all go home now.

  • Thank you!

  • DYLAN: Very funny.

  • JAMIE: Come on.

JAMIE: Come on, come on!

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Friends with Benefits Dance Scene - Flash Mob w/ Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis

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