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  • Hiya ! Sorry.

  • The guinea fowl is proving more complicated than expected.

  • - He's cooking guinea-fowl ? - Don't even ask.

  • Good Lord, you're the spitting image of--

  • Bella, this is Anna.

  • - Right. - Okay, crisis over.

  • Max, this is Anna.

  • - Hi. - Hello, Anna--

  • Scott. Have some wine.

  • Thank you.

  • l'll get it.

  • Red or white ?

  • - Oh. Hey. - Hi.

  • - Oh, yes, happy birthday. - Thank you.

  • Look, your brother's brought this girl.

  • Hi, guys.

  • Oh, holy fuck !

  • Hon, this is Anna. Anna, this is Honey. She's my baby sister.

  • Oh. Hi.

  • Oh, God. This is one of those key moments in life...

  • when it's possible you can be really genuinely cool...

  • and l-- l'm going to fail just a hundred percent.

  • l-- l absolutely, totally and utterly adore you.

  • And l just think... you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • And, more importantly, l genuinely believe,

  • and l've believed for some time now, that we could be best friends.

  • So what do you think ?

  • Uh, lucky me.

  • Well, happy birthday.

  • Oh, you gave me a present. We're best friends already then.

  • Marry Will. He's a really nice guy. Then we can be sisters.

  • Well, l'll think about it.

  • That'll be Bernie.

Hiya ! Sorry.

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Notting Hill (5/10) Movie CLIP - Best Friends Already (1999) HD

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