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Welcome to HOW TO COOK THAT I'm Ann Reardon for all of you directioners out
today we are going to make a one direction cake which has the logo on the top as well
as on the inside of the cake
and to make this you are going to need two vanilla packet cakes and one red velvet cake
and I'd usually make these from scratch but today I've got a little helper so we are using
You are also going to need some red fondant which I suggest you buy pre-coloured.
and you'll need some cream cheese frosting and some italian meringue frosting.
I'll place a link to those recipe videos in the description below this one.
If you don't have a rectangular cake tin you can make a rectangular frame
out of cardboard, it does not need to have a base , just the sides. Secure in place with staples
and string
and make sure use plain thick cardboard, don't use ones that have shiny printing on
them because they have got a plastic coating.
and then put that on a baking tray, line it with baking paper so that there is no
gaps underneath
and then you can bake it in that. The cake tin that I used was 16cm by 24cm.
for both of the cakes so the vanilla cake is just a bit thicker because I
used two cake mixes for that one.
For your red velvet cake you need to cut it into two layers, don't
flatten it first because we want the top layer to be rounded.
Then trim of your sides, cutting of about a cm off each so that you are left
with a neat rectangle and cut it in half lengthwise. One of these won't be needed
so you can set that aside for later.
take one of the rectangles, place it in the middle of the domed piece and
cut down each side
and that's what we are going to use to form the D
Move the other pieces out of the way and trim down the sides of the cake.
so that from the end it looks like the diagram shown
Then take one of your rectangles and cut it into two even layers so they will be
quite thin.
with the vanilla cake trim
the thin layer of brown off the top, then trim the edges and cut it into two layers
like you did with the red velvet cake.
Place one of your red velvet strips on top and leave about a 2cm
border of cake wither side of it and cut down through both layers of cake so you
end up with two fat and two skinny rectangles
take one of the fat rectangles and cut it into two layers. Use one of those thin
and cover it with a small amount of cream cheese frosting all the way to the
Cut one of the skinny rectangles into two layers and place it down the middle.
Then take one of the left over pieces of red velvet cake and cut two thin
strips that you can place either side of that
vanilla cake that you've just put down the middle
If any of it breaks off just add a bit more at the end.
Add more frosting to the centre section only and then put one of the thin red
cake layers on top and use enough to push the edges into place.
Then cut another red strip from the piece that you were using before and place that on the
top of the cake.
so that will form the bottom of your one
Put frosting along the exposed strip as shown.
and add another thin layer of vanilla cake
and frost over the top
Fill in you sides with frosting and that's your number one finished.
Add your wide thin piece of vanilla and that's your space between the 1 and the
D and cover with a thin layer of frosting
Now you are going to place the other thin layer of red across the middle.
More frosting.
Now take your other skinny strip of vanilla cake and cut the corners off as
shown in the diagram
Put that in the middle of the cake and yes, add more frosting.
Then take your D piece of red velvet cake that we cut in the beginning
turn it so it is the rounded side down on the bench and cut out a triangular wedge from the middle.
Flip it over and put it on top of your cake.
Now take your remaining thick piece of vanilla cake
and cut out a thin rounded wedge from the middle
add more frosting
and then put that on top
place in more frosting in the gaps on the side
Clean up the work area and then carefully transfer the cake to a platter. Holding it
by both the sides because you need to tip it over onto the platter.
Neaten up[ the ends by trimming of a really thin piece. And now you can either
cover the whole cake in white fondant or you can use italian meringue frosting
like I am
I like the taste of this frosting and it gives you that brilliant white look.
Just add spoons onto the cake and then smooth out the surface using a pallet knife
or you can use the back of a long knife.
use some wet paper towel to clean up the platter
Then roll out some red fondant onto some non-stick baking paper
You are going to need to print out the one direction logo on the computer
in a size that will fit you cake and use that as a template to cut your letters out of the red
fondant. Remove the excess fondant and then use the knife
to roughen it up a bit so it looks more like the logo.
Using you knife slide it underneath and lift up your letters onto to the cake
And then make any adjustments you need to get it exactly into the right place.
Then I used a small amount of the marshmallow icing on a knife
and just kind of brushed it onto the letters so that you get the
look of the logo.
put your top
red strip into place and you have finished!
Then when you slice into your cake
everybody gets the lego on the slice that they get.
Thanks for watching if you have any requests leave it in the comments below and
don't forget to subscribe, there is a new video every week.
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ONE DIRECTION birthday cake with logo inside HOW TO Cook That Ann Reardon, surprise inside cake

1495 Folder Collection
張懿慧 published on March 28, 2015
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