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This week we are making a dessert inspired by chef Peter Gilmores Chocolate dessert,
his dessert has 8 textures but we are going to simplify that today and turn this impressive
dessert into one that is quick and easy to make.
To start with we're going to need to make our chocolate discs. So take some tempered
chocolate and spread it thinly onto a sheet of foil.
Once the chocolate is starting to get firm but is not yet set cut around something round
in the size that you want your dessert to be. I am using one that is 11cm that is probably
as big as you'd want to get because otherwise you're not going to be able to eat it all.
As chocolate sets it can tend to warp and go out of shape a bit so to stop that happening
place another sheet of foil over the top and cover it with a heavy book.
For all the ingredients you need for this recipe just go to the website
there is a link in the description below this video.
Melt your butter or your margarine, stir in the sugar.
For those of you who are waiting on the chocolate truffle recipes don't worry it is coming next
week. I am making them and filming them this week for you for those of you who are new
to the channel I try and do them in order of a cake decorating video then a dessert
or a sweet snack one and then another chocolate video. So the chocolate truffles will be here
next week, caramel ones are so good. If you've done them on the stove top your
mixture is probably a bit hot so you'll need to allow it cool. And then
whisk in your eggs, followed by the unsweetened cocoa powder.
I definitely should have used a bigger bowl here.
And then your flour and your baking powder. Whisk that altogether until it is just mixed
in then add a dash of marsala which is a sweet italian dessert wine, it just brings out the
flavour of the chocolate and then a little dash of vanilla. Mix those in.
Pour that mixture into your baking tray lined with baking paper. Now the one I'm using is
26 x 38cm and it's probably just not quite tall enough on the sides mine so to stop it
spilling over into the oven and making a huge mess I have made my baking paper go up higher
on the sides and stapled it into place so that it's not going to overflow.
Coarsely chop up some white chocolate, now you can usee whatever you want here, you can
add nuts, dried fruit, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, anything you fancy. Just chop that
up and sprinkle it over the top. And if you want more perfectly looking round desserts
then you don't need to add anything at all you can leave it plain which will make it
easier to cut exact circles out of it. Or instead of using this brownie mixture you
could use the chocolate cheesecake recipe that I've shown you previously or something
else just use your imagination. Bake that brownie in the oven until a knife
inserted into the centre comes out clean, and you can smell that brownie smell wafting
through your house, then you know it's done.
Allow it to cool completely And then using the same circle object that you used the first
time cut circles from the brownie, and then you can eat the scrap pieces from the edge
mmm so good. Using a smaller cutter cut out a circle from
the centre of each of those.
Now to make you ganache place your chocolate into a bowl, now I am using a mixture of milk
and dark that's how I like my ganache to be. You can use all dark, all milk you can use
white chocolate if you like it is up to what you prefer. Now if you are melting it in the
microwave be careful not to burn it just give 30 seconds then stir it, 20 sec stir it and
then 10 seconds stir it and just keep giving ten second bursts until its melted. Then pour
in your cream and mix it. At first that seems like its not really coming together very well
but you just keep mixing and it becomes a nice smooth ganache.
When you are ready to serve your dessert make sure your sauce is nice and warm, remove the
alfoil from your chocolate disc and place it on top of your dessert add a scoop of ice
cream. Then serve it to the table and at the table put a spoonful of your hot ganache on
top and it will melt through the centre of the dessert.
Now I like to have a real chocolate lava flow to the dessert when people cut into it. If
you want that as well then put some extra ganache into the centre before you put your
chocolate disc on and then when you add you ganache on top it will have the same dropping
effect but then also when they cut into it with their spoon that chocolate ganache is
just going to ooze out of the dessert making it just unbelievably yummy.
Enjoy and I'll see you next week with the chocolate truffles recipe. Have a good week,
Bye. [music by Boat Song by Set Sail]
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2587 Folder Collection
Zenn published on September 6, 2013
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