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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
Today we are making a surprise instagram chocolate mousse. Now you've requested more dessert
videos, chocolate mousse and instagram so I've combined all of those requests into one
delicious dessert.
To start with we are going to need to make the coloured part of the logo. To do that
we need four jellos, we are going to need a red one a blue one a yellow one and green
one. Now I've used strawberry, lime, berry blue and mango flavours here. Mix one jello
at a time with cream. For all of the ingredient quantities that you need for this recipe just
go to the blog there is a link in the description below this video.
Now pour that into a saucepan and continue to stir over high heat until it starts to
boil. Then pour it into a heat proof dish lined with alfoil. Now I found my coloured
layers on the instagram logo were a bit too thick so if you are using the same sized container
as me perhaps only tip half the mixture in so you can get those layers thinner .
You can leave that to set and then once that's set make the next one but to hurry things
along I like to make them all at the same time. So put the red layer in the freezer.
Then make all your other colours the same way you did with the red one. Put the yellow
bowl in the fridge to cool and leave the other two on the bench. Once the red one that has
been in the freezer has set and the yellow is no longer warm tip the yellow over the
red one and return it to the freezer. Now put the green in the fridge to cool and leave
the blue one on the bench. Once the yellow layer is set pour over the green one on and
return to the freezer. Leave your blue one on the bench and by the time the green layer
is set the blue one will be cool and you can pour that over the top.
Then leave that whole thing in the freezer overnight.
Next make your lens and the view finder parts, I used a coke jelly but I really wasn't happy
with the results with it, the coke doesn't like freezing and defrosting. It separates
into a liquid and a weird gel not at all what I was going for. I have since experimented
by adding various additives like xanthum gum to it before freezing and they didn't help.
So we are going to abort the coke and I would recommend that you use cake for the lense
and the view finder instead. So just make a rectangular shaped cake and then cut out
circels of cake and line it up to make the cylinder shape that we need. And also cut
out a long rectangle for the view finder.
Take your deep rectangular container and draw an instagram logo in the right size, sticky
tape that to the outside of the container to give you a guide as to how high up the
different mousse needs to come. If you don't think you are very good at drawing then just
pull up an instagram logo on your computer screen stretch it to the right size, put a
piece of paper over the top and gently trace the logo over the top.
Take your rainbow jelly out of the freezer and remove it from the dish. If you are having
trouble getting it out put it in a sink filled with hot water for 30 seconds, do not let
the water get into the dessert it wants to be below the level of the top. Then take it
out of the water and you should be able to easily pull it out if not put it back in the
hot water for a little bit longer.
Remove all the alfoil and then use a sharp knife to cut a nice slice from the centre
of your jello. Now you can see what I was saying about my coloured layers being a bit
too thick for this sized instagram logo so you can adjust that accordingly when you make
yours. Place it in the top right hand corner leaving
a gap on the right hand side. Put that back in the freezer while you make your chocolate
To make your chocolate mousse place the milk, cream and vanilla into a saucepan.
In a seperate bowl put your egg yolks, sugar and cornstarch and whisk them until they're
In another bowl again put your water and gelatin, stir that well and then you leave that there
to bloom or to absorb the water.
Heat the cream mixture on the stovetop until it boils, then add that a little at a time
into the egg yolk mixture, stirring it really well after each addition. Once it is all combined
then pour that all back into the saucepan. Return it to the heat and stir it continuously
don't walk away keep stirring it or you'll get lumps. And stir it until it thickens and
then for at least 30 seconds longer, and what this does stirring to while its boiling is
it lets all the starch granules from the flour burst which helps to thicken it but it also
gets rid of that floury taste. Remove that from the heat, stir in your gelatin
which will now be a congealed type mass. Keep stirring until the gelatin is melted, this
will make the mixture go thin again. Melt your chocolate, it does not need to be kept
in temper just melt it carefully so that you do not burn it and mix it together with the
custard. Leave it to cool. You should be able to feel it with your finger and it shouldn't
feel warm at all.
Whip the remaining cream. In australia pure cream or thickened cream
or pouring cream are all good, if you are in the USA then heavy cream is what you want.
If it is called something else where you live then let us know in the comments what it is
called so that I know what to refer to it as in the recipe for everyone .
And use a spatula fold the chocolate custard mixture into the cream. scooping around from
around the bottom up to the top of the bowl so that you keep as much air in the mixture
as possible.
Pour some of this mousse over the coloured part, making sure it goes right down and into
thte gap, You don't want to have a big gap on your logo, so if you need to if move it
over put the mousse into place and then push back the coloured section over to the side.
Put a thin layer of mousse on the base. Then cut your cake into a log rectangle out of
your cake, remember I am using jello here but I recommend you use cake instead. and
pour over the rest of the mousse making sure it comes up to the level marked on the side
of you container. Smooth it out as best as you can. Place that whole thing in the freezer.
To make your white chocolate mousse do it exactly the same wasy as you just made your
dark chocolate mousse. but using melted white chocolate instead.
It tastes a bit like vanilla ice cream in a mousse, it's really delicious. Once you've
got your white chocolate mousse ready take your frozen darker chocolate mousse out of
the freezer and using a spoon or ice cream scoop scrape down the middle so you have like
a valley where the lens is going to go. You want it to be a rounded shape there. Looking
at your logo that you have stuck to the side to see how far down the lens needs to go.
Just keep scooping out until you've got it to the right level. Then add a little bit
of your white chocolate mousse down in that valley and then put your lens bit down over
the top. Now I am wanting you to use cake here just line up all your circles of cake
to make along cylinder pushing them together well so that the mousse doesn't go in the
gaps. Pour over the rest of the white chocolate mousse over the top. Smooth it out and put
the whole thing in the freezer to set.
To make your base, melt together the butter and chocolate and mix through some rice bubbles
or rice krispies. Spread it evenly over the dessert using the back of a spoon to smooth
it out so that you have a flat base. And this give a nice crisp texture to the dessert.
Put is back in the freezer for 15 minutes to let that set.
Place the whole dessert it into a hot water bath for 30 seconds, again being careful not
to get any water into the dessert. Pull it out and dry off the edges with paper towel
Make yourself a cardboard base and cover it in alfoil it should be slightly narrower than
the dessert so we can round the edges. Then tip out the dessert.
ANd use a knife to scrape off a layer from the corners around the top and do the same
same at the base using a sharp knife just cut off some of the crispy base so that it
has the rounded edges rather than the square edges.
Put some cups in a baking tray and rest the dessert on top of them. The purpose of the
baking tray is to catch any excess glaze so we can reuse it. Generously pour your glaze
over the top, now the recipe for this glaze is already on the blog when you go through
to this recipe for the chocolate mousse I'll put a link to that video for you there. Smooth
the glaze over the edges. If you want a really smooth finish you can let the first layer
set and then pour more glaze over the top.
Once the glaze is set which will only take a couple of minutes transfer your dessert
to a serving platter. I am using a large tile. If you've go a large serving platter that
will be fine. Add you chocolate decorations on top, if you are new to this channel and
the howtocookthat blog then there are lots of videos on making chocolate decorations
for desserts that you can watch. I have not done one yet on making this particular sphere
if you want that request it below and I'll film it for you.
Leave the whole dessert in the fridge for at least 3 hours to let it defrost, serve
to the table and then slice into the dessert to reveal the instagram logo.
Thanks for watching click on the banner at the top to go to the channel and check out
some of the other videos and subscribe for more more desserts, cakes and chocolate tutorials,.
I'll see you all next week. Bye [music by]
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尤弘志 published on September 2, 2013
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