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  • We'll need some sponges.

  • O.K., l got 'em.

  • Great. We'll get ready.

  • Let's check the eyes.

  • Get a gurney in here.

  • Right there.

  • Straight in.

  • Next, we have a 30, 35-year-old male,

  • No l. D., no medical history.

  • He was found on the riverbank

  • just south of the city.

  • There are homeless and indigents there.

  • We get three no-names every week.

  • Nobody does anything until they become train wrecks

  • like Mr. John Doe here.

  • He's got burns covering 40o% of his body.

  • The hands and face are the most severe.

  • Ten years ago,

  • pain from the burns would have been intolerable.

  • He would have spent his life screaming.

  • Now we use the Rangeveritz Technique.

  • Quite simply,

  • we sever the nerves within the spino-thalamic tract,

  • there-- which, as you know, transmits neural impulses

  • of pain and vibratory sense to the brain.

  • No longer receiving impulses of pain,

  • you stick him with a pin...

  • Ouch.

  • and he can't even feel it.

  • As in many radical procedures,

  • there are serious side effects to this operation.

  • When the body ceases to feel,

  • when so much sensory input is lost,

  • the mind grows hungry.

  • Starved of its regular diet of input,

  • it takes the only remaining stimulation it has--

  • the emotions--

  • and amplifies them,

  • giving rise to alienation and loneliness.

  • Uncontrolled rage is not uncommon.

  • Now surges of adrenaline

  • flow unchecked through the body and brain,

  • giving him augmented strength.

  • Hence, the restraints.

  • Naturally, we give them every chance of recovery.

  • Remain optimistic,

  • inspire confidence,

  • talk to him about rehabilitation potential.

  • Personally, l give him a 9 on the buzzard scale.

  • Yaah!

  • Code blue, burn unit.

  • Doctor?

  • l'm in charge here.

  • Damn it, let me through!

We'll need some sponges.

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Darkman (2/11) Movie CLIP - Escape From the Burn Ward (1990) HD

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