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  • [ Karen ] You know, sooner or later--

  • You really wear that suit.

  • Well, that's not what you were about to say.

  • - Remember how talkative you were in the trunk ? - Mm-hmm.

  • - Adele said you do that when you're nervous. - Oh, she did, did she ?

  • -You kept touching me, feeling my thigh. - But in a nice way.

  • You know, that Sig you took from me was special.

  • My dad gave it to me for my birthday.

  • Yeah ?

  • What were you going to do with me ?

  • l hadn't really worked that part out yet.

  • All l knew is that l liked you, and that l didn't wanna...

  • leave you there on the side of the road and never see you again.

  • Then you waved to me in that elevator.

  • -Yeah, l wasn't sure if you caught that. -[ Laughs ]

  • l couldn't believe it. By that time l had been...

  • thinking about you a lot...

  • and iust wondering what it would be like if we met,

  • if we could take a time-out.

  • l was thinking the same thing.

  • l kept thinking, ''What if we took a time-out ?''

  • lf we... iust spent some time together.

  • - You know, l saw you on the street. - Where ?

  • Outside Adele's.

  • - You went to see her ? - To warn her about Chino.

  • - So she did help you. - l don't think we should get into that.

  • You're right. And l won't ask about Buddy,

  • or what you guys are doing in Detroit, or if you've run into Glenn Michaels yet--

  • Okay, now, don't talk like that, because you scare me.

  • - Let's get out of here. - Yeah.

[ Karen ] You know, sooner or later--

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