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  • Trouble is, poisoning a dog is just a fine.

  • But if he's unemployed, he has to have money...

  • ...or we'll bust him for vagrancy.

  • We'll give him a full-body strip search.

  • Jerk a knot in his tail.

  • All right.

  • They got so many ways on the books to lean on an undesirable.

  • He'll feel about as welcome around here as a case of yellow fever.

  • -Hands against the wall. -Spread them.

  • -That him? -Face the wall.

  • One-way mirror, Mr. Bowden. He doesn't know you're here.

  • Yeah, that's him.

  • Get the shirt off.

  • -Come on, hurry up. -Just pass it over to him.

  • -Hand it to me. -Knock off the shoes.

  • Hand them to the other officer.

  • Pass them to him. Come on.

  • Put the arms out.

  • Put your arms out straight.

  • Roll your palms.

  • Do what he says.

  • Turn around, slow.

  • I don't know whether to look at him or read him.

  • Stand still.

  • One more step for you. You know the routine.

  • Against the wall.

  • We searched his apartment. Car registration and everything's in order.

  • There's no guns or any other weapons. But we found these.

  • Cady's savings account.

  • $30,000?

  • Yeah, his mother died while he was serving.

  • The farm got sold off. He got the proceeds.

  • He's got money. Where does that leave us?

  • At the very least, we nail him for the dog. What happened?

  • You let the dog out. Cady abducted him.

  • We didn't let the dog out.

  • Cady came into your house? That's illegal entry with intent.

  • But he didn't come in the house.

  • I'm not a cop. I don't know exactly how he did it.

  • I just know that he did it somehow.

  • That's not good enough, Mr. Bowden.

  • You're a lawyer. You damn well know that.

  • Get off the pants.

Trouble is, poisoning a dog is just a fine.

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Cape Fear (3/10) Movie CLIP - Strip Search (1991) HD

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