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  • You think bragging might not be a good idea.

  • But as we have established, there are situations you should brag.

  • But how do you brag in a socially acceptable way?

  • The answer is extracted from an article titled "7 Ways To Talk About Your Accomplishments

  • Without Sounding Like A Braggart" published by Forbes written by Psychotherapist Amy Morin.

  • She provides 7 advices:

  • 1.Keep The Emphasis On Your Hard Work And avoid saying something like, “Oh that was easy,”

  • or “I barely tried,” because it sounds arrogant.

  • 2.Don't Belittle Other People. If you crossed the marathon finish line in the first place,

  • it's OK to say you were first.

  • But don't say that the second-place finisher was a mile behind you.

  • 3.Give Credit Where It's Due. Like one of my coworkers, whenever he accomplished something,

  • he always says " It's team's effort too."

  • 4.Stick To The Facts. Rather than saying, “I'm an excellent leader,” say, “Since last

  • month (which happened to be the time you took over the team), sales have doubled.”

  • and let themselves determine who made that happen.

  • 5.Express Gratitude. Like when you accomplished something at your company, you can say“I

  • am so grateful that the company gave me this opportunity,” alongside what you have accomplished.

  • 6.Don't Add A Qualifier. Saying, “I hate to brag, but…” doesn't excuse showing off.

  • In fact, it only draws attention to the fact you know what you're about to say maybe

  • a turn-off, but you're saying it anyway.

  • Instead, you should just say something like “I'm so excited to share my good news,”

  • or, “I'm happy to announce…”

  • before you tout your accomplishment.

  • 7.Avoid The Humble-Braging. For those who don't know, Humblebrag is a self-deprecating statement

  • with the actual intention of drawing attention to something you are proud of.

  • Never say, “I am so embarrassed I let my Lamborghini get this dirty”.

  • Because not only people know it's obviously bragging.

  • Studies show humble-bragging makes people sound insincere.Hello, everyone!

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You think bragging might not be a good idea.

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