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  • When someone likes your Instagram.

  • Oh, Janine just liked one of my photos on Instagram.

  • That's weird.

  • I've never even talked to Janine.

  • Like why would she like one of my photos?

  • She doesn't seem like a person that will like just any photo on Instagram.

  • What's this mean?

  • Does she like me?

  • Oh my God.

  • That's it.

  • She hit the heart.

  • She gave me her heart.

  • It's so obvious now.

  • How could I have been so blind.

  • The signs.

  • Liking my photo and...

  • Well, just liking my photo.

  • If that's your quirky way of asking me out, yes.

  • I will go out with you.

  • Will I be your boyfriend?

  • Duh.

  • Is that too upfront?

  • Well, you were upfront enough to profess your love to me on Instagram.

  • No ones ever made me feel the way you make me feel right now.

  • Food tastes better.

  • Flowers smell better.

  • I don't have a care in the world.

  • What color should my wedding tux be?

  • (intense music)

  • Did you just like Zack's photo?

  • Wait, what's going on here?

  • Are you cheating on me?

  • (crying)

  • Okay.

  • We can work through this.

  • We're gonna have twins.

  • We're gonna be so happy.

  • No wait, no!

  • How could you?

  • Zack?

  • Why Zack?

  • He was gonna be the best man at our wedding.

  • (yelling) Fuck you, Janine!

  • We're done.

  • We're through!

  • Why?

  • Oh, Janine just liked my photo on Instagram.

  • Eh.

When someone likes your Instagram.

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When Someone Likes Your Instagram

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    Wendy posted on 2020/11/13
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