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  • Do you want to know how to start a conversation with a girl? How about start a conversation

  • with a girl you're actually attracted to. Today, I'm going to share my best tips on

  • how to start a conversation with any girl. Stay tuned. Hey, Tripp here from

  • teaching you steps on how to get the girl while still being your genuine self and today,

  • we're talking about how to start a conversation with a girl. Is it hard for you to think of

  • things off the top of your head? Are you not sure exactly where to begin or how to get

  • things going? Starting a conversation off on the right foot is crucial in getting her

  • attracted to you. You need to know how to start a conversation so she actually wants

  • to continue talking to you. What I'll be talking about is opening up conversations indirectly.

  • This is great for off the cuff conversations. Let me show you three great techniques on

  • how to do it. Technique number one, comment on something she's holding or wearing. That

  • simple. Ask a question about it. She's holding an iPad at the coffee shop, ask her how she

  • likes it. She's wearing really unique shoes, ask her where she got them. What about the

  • backpack that she's wearing. You want one just like that. Find out where she got it.

  • Where did she get those earrings? You're looking for a similar one for your sister. The list

  • goes on and on. What can you comment on to start a conversation? Start paying attention

  • to the little details so you can be ready to start a conversation at any time. Comment

  • on something that's happening in the moment. This might be talking to a girl at some sort

  • of event like a festival, outside of class, a bar, a club, a concert. Say something about

  • the music playing or the people around you. Ask her what kind of drink she's holding.

  • Again, it's the little details that you need to notice so you can pick up a conversation

  • on the go. Technique number three, one of my favorites, the compliment. Now a compliment

  • is a little more of a direct way of opening a conversation but it works like a charm.

  • Complimenting a girl is a great way to start a conversation with a girl that you're interested

  • in but be careful. I want you to stay away from the obvious compliments that most guys

  • are saying. Don't start off a conversation complimenting her on tattoos or her hair or

  • piercings or any super obvious things. Why? Because every other guy is and you have to

  • be the exception. Don't start complimenting her on those things until at least mid conversation.

  • So why do these three techniques work so well? It's because you're starting up conversation

  • with something personal and it's easier to connect with her. If you don't start connecting

  • with her right away, then conversation is going to die and you'll lose her. Now you're

  • going to have to know what to say to make that strong connection and I'll show you in

  • the free "10-Minute Magnetic Video Conversation Course" and I'm going to send this to you

  • absolutely free. All you have to do is click on the link in the description box below or

  • click the box here and you'll receive it instantly at no cost. It's going to show you not only

  • how to keep a conversation going but the certain questions you can ask a girl to make her attracted

  • to you, what to say to start a conversation and how to get her interested and attracted to you within 10 minutes.

  • So go ahead, click the link in the description box below or click

  • the box here and I'll send it to you immediately. I'll see you on the next video.

Do you want to know how to start a conversation with a girl? How about start a conversation

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How to Start a Conversation With a Girl You Find Sexy

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