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  • Mei, it's us, open up. - Crap, no!

  • Guys, what are you doing?

  • Go away! - Are you okay?

  • Tap if you can hear us.

  • One for yes, two for no!

  • We were so worried.

  • We thought you died of embarrassment.

  • You need more pads?

  • I brought extra. - Forget that!

  • 4*Town's coming to Toronto!

  • What?!

  • (girls scream) (Meilin screams)

  • Ay! Shh! Shh!

  • It's just me! Shut up!

  • It's ok! It's me!

  • It's Mei! Calm down. Alright?

  • I'm gonna let go and you're gonna be chill, got that?

  • Chill...

  • Mei?

  • Are you a werewolf?

  • No! What?

  • She... is a red panda! - Sick.

  • You're so fluffy!

  • You're so fluffy!

  • I've always wanted a tail.

  • Priya, Abby, quit it.

  • Mei, what the heck happened?

  • It's just some... you know... inconvenient... uhh...

  • genetic... thingy... I... got from my mom...

  • I mean... it'll go away...

  • eventually...

  • maybe.

Mei, it's us, open up. - Crap, no!

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