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  • Groovy Greeks

  • So what should we call this new city, O' Alexander

  • - Oh sorry. O' Alexander the Great - Yeah

  • I think

  • we should call it ...

  • "Alexandria"

  • After our great

  • and powerful leader. Where is he?

  • Where is he?

  • Where is he?

  • There he is!

  • Well, you have founded a whole chain of cities from

  • - Greece to India - Indeed, I have

  • You named this one Alexandria

  • You named this one Alexandria, didn't you?

  • And there's Alexandria, Alexandria, and further east there's Alexandria.

  • OK. Let's not forget Alexandria

  • Now that's it.

  • That's the thing. I think it might be getting a bit confusing, don't you?

  • Can we, perhaps, name this new one after someone else?

  • OK

  • I am the greatest military commander

  • that ever lived. I've conquered the known world

  • and I am barely 26 years old

  • Perhaps when you found your own city,

  • you can name it after yourself

  • You could call it ... mmm ... "Skinny-man-dira"

  • But since I'm founding them,

  • I'd like to call it

  • "Alexandria". OK?

  • Yes, sir

  • No. Actually do you know what? Perhaps you're right

  • A great military ruler also listens to his advicer. It is getting a bit confusing

  • - I think we should call itskenderun" - "İskenderun"?

  • Great!

  • - Whyskenderun"? - It's Turkish

  • - Is it Turkish for "Alexandria"? - Yes!

  • Horrible Histories!

Groovy Greeks

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