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  • before we begin shoutout to Graham early for sponsoring today's video.

  • This is the story of 1234 people from around the world who are extreme.

  • One of them is extremely tall.

  • Another is extremely inspiring.

  • Another is extremely frugal and another is extremely creative.

  • But all of them will make you appreciate humans a lot more.

  • I hope you're ready for this tour around the world.

  • Meet Elaine.

  • Hi, I'm Elaine, and I'm married to Chocolate.

  • Elaine took something Everybody loves chocolate and put it in something Everybody loves to create a restaurant that everybody loved.

  • With the help of her chef from Spain, they made over 40 meals that have chocolate in them.

  • Are you ready for this?

  • They made a salmon tartare with chocolate salt from Chocolate Kin Wah with chocolate chicken marinated with chocolate french fries with chocolate grilled cheese with chocolate.

  • No, this is good cocktails from chocolate skin care products from chocolate, chocolate soap and even a perfume made of chocolate.

  • Back in the old days, poor people in Puerto Rico would have chocolate.

  • That's the main meal, and Elaine is trying to put chocolate back in everyone's name meal.

  • Hi, the guy you see next to me is the tallest guy in the world.

  • My man is sultan tall.

  • As of 2000 and nine, this guy is officially the world's tallest at 2 m and 51 centimeters.

  • And when you're that tall, a normal person is tiny.

  • A normal door is too short.

  • A normal bed is not enough and the normal phone is too small.

  • Groups, sultans, hands are the biggest in the world and so are his feet.

  • My body is a good from God.

  • He's so big that he is unable to drive a car and to fly.

  • He has to be in business class.

  • All of this is to show you how big Sultan is from the outside.

  • But from the inside, this doll giant is humble, funny and friendly.

  • There's no other way to describe him.

  • This giant is down to earth.

  • Hey, what's up, Tony, Video Creator at Nass daily.

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  • You can thank me later.

  • Now enjoy watching the rest of the video piece.

  • Yeah, the guy next to me is worth your time because this extreme guy doesn't buy anything.

  • I don't Daniel has a lot of money, but he doesn't spend any of it.

  • He is what people call a freegan.

  • Instead of spending money on food, Daniel only gets it for free.

  • At restaurants, he eats other people's unfinished meals.

  • At home, he eats whatever his neighbors have left over.

  • He collects whatever fruit stores leave unsold and even goes at night to dive in Dumpsters with friends and I kick your Nuts to find the most incredible things for free PlayStation, close watch backpack, shampoos, umbrella stretch and even speakers.

  • One person's trash is another person's treasure.

  • This guy, with $150,000 in savings, realized that the only way his savings could last forever is if he doesn't spend any of it.

  • That's one man.

  • Meet Tim.

  • Hi, my name is Tim Ballard, and we've arrested over 500 bad guys.

  • What you're looking at is Tim, who for 12 years, worked as a special government agent in his government job.

  • He saw many Children kidnapped, trafficked and abused by bad guys.

  • It's called human trafficking.

  • It's in every country, and it's a $150 billion business.

  • But he wanted to do more, so he quit.

  • His government job started in our profit to go after the bad guys by himself.

  • He went undercover to foreign countries and hired a team to literally save Children from sex trafficking.

  • This is not a movie.

  • It's real life.

  • He saved 1200 Children, 121 of them in one single day.

  • That was the largest rescue operation in history.

  • Now his team is 100 people strong, sustained entirely by donations fighting day and night to save Children, put bad guys behind bars and make the world safer for everyone.

before we begin shoutout to Graham early for sponsoring today's video.

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World's Extreme Humans

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