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Get down of stairs!
What do you want?
Everybody want it
Ice cold beer
(people shouting)
We’re trying to engage the costumer in a completely new way.
The way they’ll never forget.
Good advertising should make you nervous. It should scare you.
All the successful brands are doing this.
But we’re taking that idea to the next level.
We call it, “exFEARiential”.
It came to us this idea and they couldn’t believe it.
I mean this is right where we need to be.
You see, fear releases adrenaline which is directly linked to memory
so we’re literally searing our brand into their minds.
We work with a number of clients in every sector.
Banking, retail, oil and gas, b2b,
We don’t really do flash mobs.
We prefer to create actual mobs.
Last year alone, we had 17 restraining orders, 15 lawsuits,
and 15% increase in overall brand awareness.
Fear works. It’s that simple.
It’s the easiest way to get attention.
So you just go straight down the street, Sir.
My baby!
Excuse me sir. Help me! Help me! Please!
We want a brand experience stays with you. Whether you won't forget
Please! What’s wrong? He took my baby!
He took my baby! He went that way!
It’s okay.
You’re in a deodorant ad.
There’s the camera.
Most some out there are completely staged.
Everyone knows that but not ours.
We use relocations, real people, even real criminals.
He scares me.
Most ads are dramatic.
We want them to be traumatic.
You’ve heard about sending people in the space?
We’re gonna do that. Only we’re not gonna bring him back
What could be more interactive? You’re woken up in the middle of the night.
You don’t know where you are. Bam!
You are in an ad. You are the ad.
People are not paying attention to ads anymore so our job is to
make them pay attention.
Most ads you can ignore.
Ours… you can’t escape.
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25515 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on September 3, 2014
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