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Do it.
Take a selfie.
In the bathroom?
Isn't that a little narcissistic?
Selfies are empowering.
They help young girls redefine the standards of beauty.
Oh, that's nice.
So stick out your tits and take a picture.
I'm just concerning that this is gonna come across as like some pathetic plea for attention.
Do you know what selfie stands for?
Self portrait.
Guess who does self portraits.
Artists, like Van Gogh. And James Franco.
Astronauts take selfies.
In outer space, as they test the limits of mankind!
Not in the bathroom when they just took a shit.
She made me second guess my selfie.
It's fine, no first draft ever made it to Instagram.
Just relax.
You know, let your body just fall the way it naturally does.
You can't post that. You will look like a raging narcissist.
It's the Internet. Everyone does.
Just hashtag (#) "nomakeup" and text "some money to cancer".
That's indulgences. Paying money to be relieved of guilt? No one's gonna buy that.
Why do you give such a fuck what other people think.
Uh...actually I don't give a fuck
That's why I don't post selfies.
Well, I don't either.
And that's why I do.
I also don't give a fuck.
Fine. Make a weird face but caption it "Being Silly. What is my life?"
What?No, cute weird.
Stick your tongue out, but still have beautiful eyes.
Now look away like you don't know you are taking a picture of yourself.
Does that make sense to you? What you just said?
Now hold up a sign about feminism, but still have great cleavage.
It's really starting to seem like you do give a fuck.
Oh my god, adorbz.
Just being a nerd, #nomakeup.
No one's gonna fall for this.
I don't normally post selfies, but just being goofy,
and living life LOL. #cancerresearch.
Oh gross. You see Arence's selfie?
She is such an attention whore. It's like, stop shoving your face on my feed.
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Should You Post A Selfie?

131378 Folder Collection
Vicky published on September 14, 2017    Vicky translated    Tong-Ann Sytwu reviewed
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