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  • Final Fantasy. You know the name, and if youre a fan, your favorite game, if not the very

  • definition of what you feel a final fantasy game should be like, comes to mind. For me,

  • the best games were on the Super Nintendo. And a lot of fans want to go back to those

  • style of games. Just look at how many version of Final Fantasy 4 are out there. If you're

  • one of those who prefer the old-school Final Fantasies of the Super Nintendo days, then

  • break out your smartphone: this is Final Fantasy Dimensions, on the iPhone.

  • Dimensions is, all in all, a very faithful old-style Final Fantasy game, bringing back

  • the concept of light vs. darkness, wars fought over the powerful Crystals, and the young

  • bands of heroes that seek to save the world. Dimensions follows two groups of heroes, one

  • led by a young, slightly too energetic boy named Sol, and the other by a young, more

  • cold and quite boy, Nacht. Sol and his friends are set to defend a Crystal in the kingdom

  • of Lux from Imperial invaders, who happen to be Nacht and his friends, serving as slaves

  • of the Empire. The crystal explodes and the parties get mixed together, forcing would-be

  • enemies to team up to find their friends, and learn more about the Empire's evil plot

  • involving the crystals, and their destiny as the Warriors of Light and Darkness. It's

  • a pretty safe and simple story for Final Fantasy, but the overall presentation for Dimensions

  • really sets it apart, and characters are a lot more fun and interesting than some of

  • the older game’s main cast. Nacht is cold, distant, and seems like a very troubled character,

  • while Alba is fun, goofy, and has the best lines in the game.

  • Controlling characters on the map is simple, a d-pad that can appear anywhere your finger

  • touches the display, or set to be in a fixed position. It's a little slippery to get the

  • hang of for someone like me who just got an iPhone a few months ago, but since this isn't

  • a precision focused plat former, it works nicely.

  • It wouldn't be a Final Fantasy game without a great battle system though, and Dimensions

  • doesn't disappoint. All the great staples of a Final Fantasy games are here, from the

  • Active Time Battle system to the stat changing magic spells and abilities, the battles feel

  • perfectly at home, and veterans of the series will immediately pick up on familiar monster

  • and boss tactics. The menu options are nice and big for your fingers to tap to select

  • options and commands, and the fact that you do you have to tap twice to confirm your selection

  • may seem a little annoying at first, but since it's their to make sure you don't accidently

  • cast Curaja when you meant to cast Holy or something is very handy. The overall difficulty

  • is with some of the bosses, so there is going to be a little grinding involved, but I didn't

  • find it that annoying. Final Fantasy Dimensions also features the

  • best Job system the series has seen yet. Each of the two parties gain different jobs as

  • the story progresses, and characters allocate job points to increase the max level of each

  • job. While you can't allocate AP for certain abilities and must stick with the planned

  • progression of each jobs states and ability growth, the system is very easy to use and

  • master. The combinations are fun, and fans of Final Fantasy 5 or other games will feel

  • right at home with the Job system. The biggest drawback for Dimensions is the

  • investment. And not just with time; you can buy the whole game for about 30 dollars, or

  • try it out in chunks, buying each separately. By around Chapter 3, I had spent about 18

  • hours in the game, with still a lot more to go. It may seem like a lot of cash, but considering

  • Dimensions is a fully fledged old-school final fantasy game, I think it's worth the Gil.

Final Fantasy. You know the name, and if youre a fan, your favorite game, if not the very

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