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  • Wow.

  • E could stay here all day.

  • Probably.

  • I'm in Churchill, a tiny town in the north of Manitoba.

  • It's one of the most remote towns in Canada.

  • There's not much going on here.

  • At first glance, it's just a sleepy, quiet town in the middle of nowhere.

  • But there's something special about Churchill.

  • Its population actually doubles for a couple of months every year, but not with people but polar bears.

  • The people of Churchill don't seem to be phased too much by the fact that they're living side by side with these creatures for a couple of months.

  • Every year.

  • I'm just aware of my surroundings all the time.

  • I'm always looking around when I go out on the land.

  • I always have, you know, protection with me when I see a polar bear.

  • I know I have respect for that bear because that bear, they've been here before we were here.

  • This is their land on.

  • We coexist with them and they always have the right away.

  • Churchill is on the edge of Hudson Bay, and that's what brings the polar bears.

  • Here.

  • They come and meander into town while they're waiting for the ice to freeze I'm about to head out onto the tundra where I stand, the best chance of seeing some bears for myself.

  • I have no idea what to expect, but I'm really looking forward to it.

  • I'm hoping I might catch a glimpse, but we'll see Things is a thunder buggy, very unique in the world, and it was specifically designed to take people safely out onto the tundra in order for us to view wildlife, especially polar bears.

  • So I'm gonna get myself a window seat.

  • But what kind of things should I be looking for?

  • Today's a little blustery and visibility is up and down.

  • So I'm expecting that we would probably look towards any of the willow bushes, uh, some old beach ridges and stuff like that, an area where they could be comfortable.

  • So let's check those areas out.

  • And, of course, anything that's walking along you might catch along the trail.

  • That's what we're looking for.

  • Do you think we've got a chance?

  • There's always a chance.

  • Every season is different.

  • Every day is different out here, looking out over the tundra.

  • Initially, it looks very barren and like there's nothing much going on.

  • But actually after you've spent maybe 10 minutes just taking it all in.

  • It becomes apparent there's more going on here than you initially think.

  • You just have Thio, maybe have a bit of patience on something will appear e there.

  • Wow, you got it.

  • That's so cool.

  • It's just tucked away.

  • You bet.

  • Love to be comfortable.

  • He's having a really role.

  • You see, it's starting to roll.

  • Doing a big yawn thing is how they like to keep clean roll around the snow and kind of like taking a bath.

  • Oh, that's amazing.

  • It was really good to know that coming onto the tundra in the tundra buggy was having no effect.

  • We leave no trace on the landscape.

  • Andi.

  • Don't bother the Bears whatsoever, but we still get to see them.

  • E think the people in Churchill are unique, living in close proximity with these creatures that are famous around the world.

  • You know, so many people would love to spot them, and that's why it's such a special experience to come here.


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