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  • Honey? I found out what was stinking up the shower.

  • A present from me to you.

  • How thoughtful. Put it in there with the others.

  • There's fish everywhere. Look, a pink one.

  • All right, let's leave this stuff right here, OK?

  • Get your bathing suit and we'll go to the lake.

  • No, you go. I just can't seem to relax in filth.

  • We'll all clean up later. Let's go.

  • Someone has to find the toilet seat.

  • - Buck found it on the sun porch. - Sun porch?

  • - It makes you wonder. - No excuses.

  • - What are you doing? - I don't know.

  • - Stop it. - The kids are at the lake.

  • - Chet, what are you doing? - Nothing.

  • Honey, no.

  • We got the house to ourselves. Hello!

  • Oh, no, what happened? I'm sorry.

  • I just don't feel like this. I'm tired, I'm stinky.

  • - Come on. - What are you doing?

  • - We got the house by ourselves. - What about the kids?

  • - They're down the lake. - Don't!

  • - Let's go to the bedroom. - Why?

  • That's the great thing about being in the woods.

  • - What are you feeding me now? - Come on.

  • You can run around naked and you won't run into anybody.

  • - Is that right? - Yes.

  • Really?

  • Do you think it's possible that we could play fashion parade?

  • - I don't want to play. - Why?

  • - You get to wear the good outfits. - I'll let you wear them.

  • - You will? - You will be Shelana.

  • - Shelana, the oak tree woman. - I love being the oak tree woman!

  • - Temptress of the woods. - Yes!

  • And I will be Burt. A guy named Burt.

  • I love it when you're Burt. You're always so manly.

  • Or I could be Smokey's cousin Horny.

  • - He has endurance too. - Yes, he does.

  • Anybody home?

  • Shelana the woods temptress with Horny the bear, Smokey's cousin?

  • OK. OK.

  • - Turn that off. - Oh, yeah! No, Chester, you said it.

  • Do it on the floor!

  • Beautiful style. That's all right.

  • Role-playing helps in a marriage after a while.

  • Turn the damn thing off.

Honey? I found out what was stinking up the shower.

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The Great Outdoors (1/10) Movie CLIP - Horny the Bear (1988) HD

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