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(Iqaluit Capital of Nunavut, Canada)
(Temperatures dip below -25ºF/-32ºC)
With the long dark season and 24-hour sunlight in the summer time
it requires a unique individual to be able to survive the Arctic.
My name is Chris Kalluk.
I am from Nunavut. I wanted to invite people to the Arctic. I want people to know we exist up here.
And I wanted to be able to show people down south what it is like up here.
Iqaluit was captured with the Google tracker. We hiked the whole city of Iqaluit in the spent of four days.
With the tracker you are able to follow trails, you can hop on a snow mobile, or a quad
or even on a dog team. Traditionally people use to rely completely on dog sleds.
There's still a handful of people that go out hunting by dog sled,
but that's more for fun nowadays.
The world needs to see unique places and Canada's Arctic is most definitely a unique place.
Every community is not accessible by road.
You have to fly in and out, and nobody just passes through.
It feels good knowing that people all over the world can finally see Canada's Arctic as just amazing.
Hello Iqaluit.
Hello world.
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Explore Views of the Canadian Arctic with Google Maps

32305 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on March 1, 2015    綾羅飄起 translated    林曉玉 reviewed
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