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  • And it's working so well

  • That I can't get away

  • ♪ I'm a lucky fella

  • Kissing booth!

  • Would Flynn be working be working the kissing booth?

  • (laughing) Noah?

  • You'd have a better chance of getting Miley Cyrus to become a nun

  • Absolutely.

  • No, Flynn will be working the booth.

  • Oh, sorry.

  • (laughing)

  • Sorry, oh.

  • (buzzer noise)

  • Wait!

  • Swimming in stars

  • Oh oh oh

  • Swimming in stars

  • Oh oh oh

  • Swimming in stars

  • Swimming in stars

  • It turns out people really like to kiss.

  • What?

  • (laughing)

  • Oh, and get this.

  • I even wound up kissing your brother.

  • What?

  • It's for charity, right?

  • Yeah, I guess so.

  • Just don't end up grinding coochies with my brother or I'll literally never talk to you again.

  • (nervous laughing)

  • You know if we wait out this rain we should be fine.

  • If you can't tell your best friend about something you're doing, you probably shouldn't be doing it.

  • If we do this nobody can know.

  • Okay, at least until I figure out a way to tell Lee.

  • It has to be that way.

  • I've got your escape route all figured out.

  • You've got to be kidding me.

  • Or we can just go tell Lee now.

  • (screaming)

  • (water splashing)

  • Because love grows

  • where my rosemary goes

  • (knock on door)

  • (shushing)

  • (buzzer noise)

  • (grunting) (gasping)

  • Is there something going on between you two?

  • What?

  • No, no, nothing is going on.

  • Okay.

  • What the fuck.

  • No matter how mad you are at your best friend, you have to forgive them if they give you ice cream.

  • I'm sorry.

  • What are you saying?

  • I'm saying that I love Noah and I want him.

  • And I'm sorry if that hurts you and I'm so sorry that I lied to you before.

  • I was wrong, but I would be lying to you again if I didn't tell you that I love him with every bit of my heart.

  • I'm saying I love you.

  • And I love you.

  • Be together, be together

  • Say the music

  • Say you love me, say you love me

  • Till the morning

  • Be together, be together

  • Can you hear it

  • Shake, shake my soul

And it's working so well

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The Kissing Booth | Guide To Dating Your BFF’s Brother | Netflix

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    たらこ posted on 2020/07/23
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