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  • Good morning, Moordale.

  • Today, we shall be hearing from a sexual health expert.

  • I'm here to start an open conversation

  • about S-E-X.

  • Didn't you wank off a courgette?

  • It's a new term. No more clinic, no more drama.

  • You can't give up.

  • Everyone's got chlamydia.

  • I read I should rub bleach on my vagina. That true?

  • I can't do dirty talk.

  • My cum tastes like kimchi!

  • Maeve has moved on, and so have I.

  • Present arms!

  • If you let me back in,

  • I won't tell everyone that your school is full of cheats.

  • He's from France.

  • I think I just had a very small orgasm.

  • I was wondering if you would like to go out with me.

  • I think I'm ready.

  • Are you sure?

  • We are going to have sex!

  • -Dad? -Otis!

  • -Oh, my God! -I'm sorry.

  • You finally get a girlfriend and she's basically your sister.

  • We're not going to pretend everything's okay, because it's not.

  • Is there something going on between you and Maeve?

  • Maeve broke up with me because she's in love with you.

  • I think I might be broken.

  • Sex doesn't make us whole...

  • so how could you ever be broken?

  • Just tell him you like him already.

  • -Oh, yeah. Yeah? -Stop that!

  • This is entirely about the money.

  • It's good to be back in business.

Good morning, Moordale.

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