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(dramatic eerie music)
- [Narrator] Have you ever watched someone killed,
but were unable to hear them scream?
I have.
My brother Robbie and I both have.
It had been weeks
since the Kinderfanger had taken over our town.
Using missing kids we had been searching for,
four months beforehand,
the Kinderfanger had hypnotized them somehow with that song.
The kids took over the town like flies to a rotting corpse.
My brother and I were lucky.
We've been wearing headphones to listen to music
and play video games when the incident took place.
The only song I can hear now is my heart beating.
It's amazing how quickly your small suburban heaven
can become the closest thing
to hell on earth you'll ever know.
Robbie and I have survived the last few weeks
by keeping our ears packed with cotton, tape, headphones,
anything to make sure we can't hear a sound.
Being teenagers, I'm not totally sure if I'm susceptible
to the Kinderfanger's melody,
but Robbie is still young enough.
I'm sure it could get him.
Adults aren't able to hear its song.
The parents that survived the takeover
are held in houses,
protected by the hypnotized children.
Once a week, two parents are led out into an open area
in the middle of the neighborhood.
Then, the children hold them down
as a single child straddles atop of their parent
and guts their heart out.
This day is the day of sacrifice.
With the sacrifice of each parent,
the Kinderfanger grows stronger.
Each act of annihilation making its hold
on the children tighter.
My brother and I have been hiding in the woods
in anticipation of our parents
eventually being the sacrifice.
We have laid traps throughout the woods
so we can evade the children.
We also fashioned clubs out of branches for weapons.
We knew we couldn't save them all.
Our parents were the only ones that mattered.
Everyone else was expendable.
The day of sacrifice would come.
We packed our ears full of cotton,
taping across it,
and shoving headphones over them.
I made sure to help my brother Robbie pack his ears.
Being an older sister,
you never quite imagine yourself being best friends
with your preteen brother.
When we could still hear,
most of our time was spent yelling at each other.
In some twisted way,
losing our freedom to hear has allowed us
to listen to each other a lot more
and made us better for it.
I never would have survived for so long without Robbie.
I owed him everything,
so I wasn't gonna take any risks losing him.
As night hit,
the kids made their way to where the parents were held.
The Kinderfanger was nowhere to be seen.
The children formed a giant ring,
all their eyes black voids staring ahead
as they assembled themselves.
Their lips moved as if singing a tune.
Suddenly from the center of the circle
of fire of colors I had never known began to grow.
And from this fire came the darkness,
the destroyer, the Kinderfanger.
Its body of black cloud of pestilence and nothingness,
looming over everything our eyes could see.
Whatever light existed was absorbed by it,
everything but the multicolored fire it birthed from.
The Kinderfanger's bone fingertips raised its pipe
to its lipless skull,
and played its devil's melody.
The kids turned in the circle,
and proceeded in a line toward a nearby house.
From the house,
our mom and dad emerged.
It was everything I could do
to not scream in a mixture of terror and happiness.
I looked to Robbie.
He nodded with silent agreement that this was our chance
and we had to take it.
The kids brought our mom near the fire.
The Kinderfanger continued its haunting tune
as it smiled at the sacrifice beneath it.
A young girl stood out from the crowd of children
as she wielded a shiny knife.
I could see our mother panic
as the children laid her the ground and held her in place.
She struggled as the girl sat upon her chest.
A little girl raised the knife high in the air,
holding it,
waiting for the right beat in the music
to take our mother's beating heart.
This was our moment.
But before I could even get to my feet,
Robbie was already halfway there.
He ran up on them yielding his huge club,
and as he came upon the crowd of children,
he barreled through them,
swinging it and smashing the little girl's head away
like a softball.
She flew off our mom.
Her head spilling open like a flowing waterfall
of skull and brain matter.
I remember in that moment looking directly
at the Kinderfanger and seeing its eyes blaze.
Robbie tried to get our mom up
while I clubbed children out of the way to get to my father.
As I made it to him and freed him from his tethered hands,
I watched the children gather up
and take hold of our mother.
Robbie did everything he could to hold on to her
while batting them away.
But there were simply too many
and neither of us could take them all on.
And then in a moment that seemed forever,
I saw our mom let go of Robbie's hand.
She didn't do it because she had to.
She did it because she wanted us to escape.
Robbie screamed for her to grab his hand but she refused.
I locked eyes with my mother and saw her mouth to me,
"I love you."
And that's when I knew
there was nothing else we could do but run.
Robbie fought me at first as I pulled him away,
but eventually he gave in and we took off with our dad.
As we ran, I looked back to our mom.
I wish I never had.
Children had circled around her like a pack of dogs.
And as she watched us leave,
he beat her down to the ground.
The whole time,
to the very moment she died,
she never took her eyes off of me.
I suppose her knowing that her family got away
was the only comfort she would take in dying.
But we weren't free yet.
A horde of other children were after us.
The Kinderfanger had grown
like a mushroom cloud around them,
pushing them deeper into the woods after us
as we tried to escape with our dad.
Robbie and I had expected this to happen.
We made sure our dad followed our steps exactly
as we ran through the woods
so that he wouldn't fall into any of the traps we set.
One by one,
the kids fell into false floors we dug in the dirt.
We ran so far and so fast,
it felt like we had nearly made it.
I looked behind me and couldn't see anyone
or anything after us.
We stopped in the darkness of the woods.
I could finally look upon my dad's loving face.
His eyes were moist with tears
as he hugged me and held me tight.
All I could do was cry,
but where was Robbie?
I looked around in the darkness and couldn't see him.
Then, something wet splashed against my face,
like water falling from the leaves.
I reached my hand up to wipe it away,
but it felt heavy and warm.
It wasn't water.
It was blood.
I turned to where my dad was,
and he had fallen to his knees, bleeding from his head.
Just beyond him was Robbie,
holding his club high above his head ready
to strike our dad down again.
I hauled for him to stop
and then I realized what had happened.
Robbie's headphones were gone.
The cotton had been torn from one of his ears,
a scratch lining his cheek.
He must have run across a branch or fallen or,
oh, God, it didn't matter.
It was too late.
Robbie had beaten our dad's head in.
I couldn't even decipher what was his face
or the floor of the woods anymore.
And then Robbie turned his eyes on me.
But he didn't raise his club.
Instead, he dropped it and jumped on top of me.
He was trying to unplug my ears.
I fight him with everything I had,
my hand searching for a nearby rock,
but I couldn't get him off.
Above us,
the Kinderfanger floated in through the tops of the trees
as if it were always there.
A smile broke across its stained teeth.
I watched it raise its pipe once more,
ready to make me one of its slaves.
I cried out to Robbie to stop but it was no use.
He finally got ahold of my headphones and tore them off.
Then he dug at my ears, scratching my lobes
as he tore the tape and cotton away.
Oh, god, what was I gonna do?
I could hear the first notes of the Kinderfanger's song.
I stared in total fear at the picture above me
of my brother's vaken eyes
and the dark cloud holding over him
and knew in that moment what I had to do.
The only thing I could do.
I reached my hands out for anything I could.
I finally found a rock and knocked Robbie out with it.
In the same moment before the rock could even hit the floor,
I scooped up two twigs,
and in one swift motion, I stabbed them into my eardrums.
I could feel the warm blood drip from my ears
like the last song I'd ever hear.
I watched the Kinderfanger above me roar its rage
as I laid there in the dirt.
Unable to hear ever again.
Everything I had was gone.
My mother,
my father, my brother.
All I had left was my heartbeat to keep me company.
I wish the incessant beating would stop.
Please stop.
(eerie music)
(dramatic music)
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KINDERFANGER | "Sound of Death" | Crypt TV Extended Universe | Creepypasta

9 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on May 23, 2020
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