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  • It's sad to say it, but...the fact that Capcom even brought this game to the Wii U is cause

  • for celebration for Nintendo fans. Well, maybe not celebration, but...I guess relief? At

  • the very least, it's a nice change of pace. To have a game come to the PlayStation 3 and

  • Xbox 360...and the Wii U.

  • Because, you know. It does exist.

  • And in some ways, Resident Evil: Revelations is better off for it. If you watched our review

  • of the 3DS original, you know it's a very good Resident Evil game. And if you saw our

  • review of the PS3 version, you know this HD remake is still good, but...the game was way

  • more impressive on the 3DS. That leaves the Wii U game in an interesting position.

  • You're getting the same HD remake, but thanks to the controller, it also has just a touch

  • of that 3DS magic.

  • See what I did there?

  • A touch?

  • So here's the thing, we played this one right after we played the PS3 version, and that

  • really underscored the uniqueness of the GamePad. It's not that Capcom did a lot with the controller,

  • but that's precisely the point. Even its subtle use makes an impact. The difference isn't

  • huge or anything, but...given the choice between controllers?

  • I preferred playing Revelations with the GamePad.

  • So why is that? Well, first and foremost...the biggest factor is the off-screen play. You

  • can play Revelations entirely on the GamePad, if you want...without using the television

  • at all. And I've mentioned this before, that we're well into the Wii U era, that's

  • emerged as the most useful thing about this controller. And it's especially great for

  • a creepy game like Resident Evil. I mean, curling up in bed, with Jill Valentine?

  • I mean in the game. You big perv.

  • Fortunately, if you are playing on the television, Capcom added some GamePad uses for you, too.

  • A lot of it's basic for example, having the map on the touch screen, so you

  • don't have to pause the game and pull yourself from the experience. You can also make notes

  • on the touch screen, which is great...I mean, Capcom even added some cool Miiverse functionality.

  • So...the Wii U definitely has its advantages.

  • Now, there's also some unnecessary stuff. Like your scanner. You can physically move

  • the GamePad around instead of using an analog stick. That's more of a gimmick use than something

  • beneficial, but it's there for those who like it. But for me, Revelations is a testament

  • to the fact don't have to do crazy stuff with the GamePad for the controller

  • to benefit your game. Even the simple stuff makes a nice difference.

  • For more on the game itself...listen, I've already reviewed it twice. Watch one of our

  • other reviews. But if you're a Wii U owner...lighten up, chief. Don't be so glum. You're finally

  • getting a good game from a third-party publisher. And it's encouraging that...a game that wasn't

  • even designed for the Wii U, is still a bit better because of it.

It's sad to say it, but...the fact that Capcom even brought this game to the Wii U is cause

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CGR Undertow - RESIDENT EVIL: REVELATIONS review for Nintendo Wii U

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/06/20
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