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It's sad to say it, but...the fact that Capcom even brought this game to the Wii U is cause
for celebration for Nintendo fans. Well, maybe not celebration, but...I guess relief? At
the very least, it's a nice change of pace. To have a game come to the PlayStation 3 and
Xbox 360...and the Wii U.
Because, you know. It does exist.
And in some ways, Resident Evil: Revelations is better off for it. If you watched our review
of the 3DS original, you know it's a very good Resident Evil game. And if you saw our
review of the PS3 version, you know this HD remake is still good, but...the game was way
more impressive on the 3DS. That leaves the Wii U game in an interesting position.
You're getting the same HD remake, but thanks to the controller, it also has just a touch
of that 3DS magic.
See what I did there?
A touch?
So here's the thing, we played this one right after we played the PS3 version, and that
really underscored the uniqueness of the GamePad. It's not that Capcom did a lot with the controller,
but that's precisely the point. Even its subtle use makes an impact. The difference isn't
huge or anything, but...given the choice between controllers?
I preferred playing Revelations with the GamePad.
So why is that? Well, first and foremost...the biggest factor is the off-screen play. You
can play Revelations entirely on the GamePad, if you want...without using the television
at all. And I've mentioned this before, but...now that we're well into the Wii U era, that's
emerged as the most useful thing about this controller. And it's especially great for
a creepy game like Resident Evil. I mean, curling up in bed, with Jill Valentine?
I mean in the game. You big perv.
Fortunately, if you are playing on the television, Capcom added some GamePad uses for you, too.
A lot of it's basic stuff...so for example, having the map on the touch screen, so you
don't have to pause the game and pull yourself from the experience. You can also make notes
on the touch screen, which is great...I mean, Capcom even added some cool Miiverse functionality.
So...the Wii U definitely has its advantages.
Now, there's also some unnecessary stuff. Like your scanner. You can physically move
the GamePad around instead of using an analog stick. That's more of a gimmick use than something
beneficial, but it's there for those who like it. But for me, Revelations is a testament
to the fact that...you don't have to do crazy stuff with the GamePad for the controller
to benefit your game. Even the simple stuff makes a nice difference.
For more on the game itself...listen, I've already reviewed it twice. Watch one of our
other reviews. But if you're a Wii U owner...lighten up, chief. Don't be so glum. You're finally
getting a good game from a third-party publisher. And it's encouraging that...a game that wasn't
even designed for the Wii U, is still a bit better because of it.
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CGR Undertow - RESIDENT EVIL: REVELATIONS review for Nintendo Wii U

1092 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on June 20, 2013
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