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  • Resident Evil 5 was a very polarizing entry for the franchise. With a much larger focus

  • on action than any other entry in the series, the game divided many fans. Some loved the

  • new action originated gameplay, believing this was the best way for the series to stay

  • relevant, while others hated the changes and felt that it did not deserve to be considered

  • Resident Evil. But one thing that is not up for debate is the game sold well. And with

  • today's game industry, was bond for some DLC. This episode, titled Lost in Nightmares, did

  • its best to combine the action of RE 5 with the atmosphere of the originals, and in doing

  • so made a very enjoyable experience.

  • The story is a prequel to RE5, and is talked about in the main game. You play as Chris

  • Redfield and Jill Valentine. They have recently learned of the whereabouts of Ozwell Spencer

  • and are sent to his mansion to investigate. While there, things do not go as smoothly

  • as hoped and they are once again in a tough situation. The story is nothing special, and

  • feels like the side-story it is, revealing some information that was hinted at in RE5,

  • and brings to life events you only heard about or saw in flashbacks.

  • But while the story may not be anything special, the gameplay really is. The game feels like

  • it belongs in the Resident Evil universe. You are once again trapped in a large mansion,

  • filled with tons of enemies and even more puzzles. That's right, the puzzles in this

  • actually take a moment to figure out. While they are nowhere near as complex as before,

  • it is nice to see them used. More so than the ones that were used in RE5, which was

  • just take item to door.

  • The action is the same co-op based gameplay as before. Only with more of a focus on survival

  • horror. These are the old rules of survival horror, the ammo is very limited, making sure

  • you aim well with each shot. Also, the enemies are hiding behind doors, and will jump out

  • and are pretty tough to take down. Mix this improved style is the great atmosphere and

  • you have something that could almost pass a scary. The mansion is dark and spooky, and

  • will have your hands sweating as you know something is behind the corner and you only

  • have a couple bullets remaining.

  • Sadly the game is short, being able to be completed in about an hour. But while the

  • game may be short, what it is is a reminder of what Resident Evil 5 could have been.

Resident Evil 5 was a very polarizing entry for the franchise. With a much larger focus

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