B1 Intermediate 14 Folder Collection
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- [Annoying Orange] Take this one, and we put it in there.
What the--
(Bonnie screaming jumpscare)
(upbeat electronic music)
(Annoying Orange laughing)
Hey, yo.
It's a-dub, back here with another gaming video!
We've had a lot of requests for this one.
Oh boy.
We're playing Five Nights at Freddy's VR!
Oh, warning?
Oh, gotta switch my hands around.
(Chuckles) They were a little backwards.
This game contains flashing lights, loud noises,
and lots of jumpscares.
If Pear was playing, it'd be jump-pears, huh?
(Annoying Orange laughing)
Hey, I got hands, and I know how to use them,
I think.
Holy moly!
Uh, it's Freddy and Chica and Bonnie.
Oh, they're so big.
Whoa, you guys, you don't understand.
(Nervous chuckle)
I don't know if I like seeing them in VR.
(Nervous chuckle) Whoa Foxy!
What are you doing back there?
Are you creepy peeping on me?
Can I put this on?
Please stay over there.
Don't come over here.
(Nervous laugh) This is so creepy you guys.
Uh, okay, help wanted.
I don't know why you want help from an orange.
What am I gonna do?
(Annoying Orange laughing)
Okay, new game!
Um, okay, why aren't my fingeys working?
Why are my fingey, whoa!
Pizza fingers.
(Annoying Orange laughing)
Okay, what's going on?
(Welcoming introduction music)
Cool, what is this?
Whoa, hey, I'm in a, whoa!
I'm in a rollercoaster.
Oh, I should sit down.
- [Announcer] Fazbear Entertainment is excited
to join the digital age.
- Yeah, me too!
- And what better way to do that than with
an edge-of-your-seat virtual reality experience?
- Nice!
Hey, what thrill ride does a drink go on?
A coaster!
- We know that Fazbear Entertainment has developed
something of a bad reputation over the last few decades.
- Yeah, you think?
- And while it is true that some stories
associated with our name were loosely based
on actual events, the majority of them were
total fabrications from the mind of a complete lunatic.
- Yeah right!
- But we aren't above laughing at ourselves.
(Robotic laughter)
(Nervous laughter)
- That's why we have recreated many of these
completely fictitious scenarios.
Lies, that you have been fed over the last several years,
into a hilarious VR game.
- (Sarcastic tone) Hilarious.
- Through the hopes that we can finally move past
these childish ghost stories
and develop a new relationship with you
as well as your kids.
Don't forget the merch; perfect for birthdays.
So sit back and enjoy a few scares.
- Yeah, so just a few, right?
I'm sure.
(Laughing) I know these games.
- We do, however, ask that you agree
to a simple waiver before you play.
- Um, yeah.
This says I'm gonna die, so I'm not gonna sign this.
Why would I sign this?
- You acknowledge that Fazbear Entertainment is not
responsible for accidental
digital consciousness transference.
- No, I didn't touch it.
Oh, boy.
(Nervous laughter) Okay.
- Welcome to the Freddy Fazbear virtual experience.
Use the console in front of you to navigate the menu.
- Crazy.
- And pick one of the frightening experiences available.
- Whoa, there's so many.
- Through completing these scenarios,
more will become available.
- Okay.
- You'll see plenty of familiar faces
and some new ones as well.
- I'm actually here.
- So stay a while and have a good time.
- Oh, I don't know if I wanna stay.
- Despite the temporary horror you may experience,
this is a completely controlled environment,
and you aren't in any real danger.
- Three, dark rooms, parts and service,
vent repair, night terrors!
Oh, I don't like any of this.
(Nervous laughter) Oh, you guys.
Um, okay.
So maybe let's start with parts and service.
Do I just hit this thing?
Oh, ah!
What did I do?
Oh, I don't like this.
I don't likey!
Orangey no likey.
How do you stop this thing?
(Laughing) I broke it, I broke it.
I mean you break it, you bought it.
You gotta buy it, get outta here.
I want out.
Get me outta here!
I'm stuck, and I don't know how to pick it!
Okay, okay, there we go, there we go.
Did I pick it?
Come on!
No, pick it, come on!
Aw man.
Nothing even happened, and I'm scared.
Repair Bonnie.
Um, I prefer if Bonnie stays broken.
I don't wanna fix Bonnie.
What am I supposed to--oh, there we go.
Start the game.
(Nervously) Oh boy, you guys.
- [Announcer] Welcome back to parts and service.
- Okay.
- Oh no!
It looks like Bonnie's guitar is out of tune
and must be recalibrated.
- Sounds like music to my ears.
- First, we must access his harmonization module
located inside his secondary throat pipe.
- What?
- To access the throat pipe,
both eyes must first be removed.
- Um, no.
- You must be as precise as possible
when removing the eyes from their respective sockets.
- I don't like this.
- First, firmly grip Bonnie's left eye,
and carefully remove it from its socket.
- Okay, the left eye.
My left or your left?
Okay, so, yeah.
That would be the left, left would be on the right.
Yeah, the right is the left, okay?
So we, we go in here.
(Nervous mumbles and giggles)
- Great job.
Deposit the left eye
in the cleaning receptacle on your left.
- On my, oh!
Okay, on my left.
Oh, cleaning receptacle.
- Well done.
Now, firmly grip Bonnie's right eye,
- Okay.
- and carefully remove it from its socket.
- Okay.
I see what you did there.
- Deposit the right eye
in the cleaning receptacle on your right.
- Okay.
Put it in there.
- Good job.
To open Bonnie's faceplate,
- No.
- Carefully press the two buttons located
on either side of Bonnie's jaw.
- Bonnie's jaw?
- When done correctly,
you should hear two small clicks.
- What do I?
You want me to stick my non-existent hands on this thing?
Okay, okay, so there's buttons on this side.
Do you press them both at the same time, please?
- Well done.
You now have access to Bonnie's harmonization module.
Press the blinking button inside Bonnie's
secondary throat pipe to enter calibration mode.
- Yo, I don't wanna be sticking my
non-existent hands in here.
What are you thinking of doing?
(Laughter) I don't like it.
Please don't bite the finger.
Please don't bite the finger!
(Nervous laugh) Leave the fingey alone.
(Guitar strings strum)
- What the music?
(Out of tune guitar string strums)
- Something is not right.
- Yeah.
- One of those notes is out of tune.
- Just like your face!
- You may push the button again
to replay the audio check.
- (Sarcasm) Oh yeah, that's definitely what I wanna do.
- Press the colored button
that corresponds to the incorrect note.
- Okay, sounds like music to my non-existent ears.
(Guitar strings strum)
(Out of tune guitar string strums)
It's gotta be the fourth one
cause it just kinda goes, eh!
That's my favorite song by the way.
- Press the blinking button again to verify your work.
- Okay, um, please don't bite the fingey.
Oh jeez, fingeys are very delicate!
(Nervous laughter) I don't like it.
(Guitar strings strum in tune)
Hey, that sounds so much better.
I did it!
- Bonnie is in tune and ready for his solo.
- Okay.
- Let's close him up.
- Okay.
- Simply replace both eyes
in the same order that you removed them,
then close up the faceplate, and we'll call it a day.
- (Confused) Wait, which eye did I do first?
Oh no!
Crap muffins, I don't remember which eye I did first.
Was it the right eye or the left eye?
And did the right go to the left
or the left go to the right?
Oh no, hip hop if you don't stop,
gotta slap that booty.
(Nervous chuckle) I don't know what to do.
I don't know which eye to put in there.
I've been a bad pupil.
Okay, so this one goes, yeah, it goes on the other side so
(Bonnie screaming jumpscare)
(Annoying Orange screaming)
(Static stops, Annoying Orange laughing)
- [Annoying Orange] I pulped all over the counter.
(Laughing) Oh, that was terrible.
Woo hoo, what is this thing?
Okay, deadly cupcake.
You're so scary looking, look at that.
Look, you're so scary, I don't like him.
Get him out of here, yeah.
Out of here
(chuckles) Scary cupcake, nobody likes you.
You taste like evil!
(Laughing) Restart my fart.
Okay, now we have to remember which eye is it.
Which eye?
- [Announcer] Welcome back to parts and service.
- Thank you.
- Oh no!
- I got hands.
Hey, can you give me a chance?
I wanna play your guitar, yeah.
(Laughing) Boop-a-deep, dib-a-dib-a-dib-a-doop.
(Laughing) Don't jumpscare me.
- First, firmly grip Bonnie's left eye,
- The left eye!
- And carefully remove it from its socket.
- Okay, so your--my right is your left,
okay, so that's the first one.
- Deposit the left eye
in the cleaning receptacle on your left.
- There we go.
That goes in there,
and then we put this one in there.
- Good job.
- Thank you.
- To open Bonnie's faceplate,
- We press these buttons right there?
Oh, yeah, got them fingeys,
so it didn't even scare me that time.
So we did this.
(Guitar strings strum)
(Out of tune guitar string strums)
- Okay, it's the fourth one again.
(Bonnie screaming jumpscare)
(Annoying Orange scream)
(Laughing) Hey, what the heck?
I pressed the right one.
It was the fourth one, right?
What's going on?
Get out of here, scary cupcake, nobody likes you.
Ah, no, don't come back here, get out of here.
Scary cupcake!
Get out of here and leave!
(Laughing) Uh, that scared me.
Okay, so now we take this one, and put it in there.
We take this one, and we put it in there.
(Bonnie screaming jumpscare)
(Screams) Ah, I missed!
I didn't put it in the cleaning receptacle.
Oh, why you scare me like this?
(Freddy Fazbear laughing)
Bonnie, I don't like you.
I don't like you at all.
You're a scary berry.
Okay, get outta here.
Scary cupcake, no!
Stop bouncing back at me.
I hate you, scary cupcake.
You're always up in my business!
I don't like it.
Okay Bonnie, okay, let's do this again.
Right goes to the left.
Left goes to the right.
Okay, there we go.
And now we pusha the buttons.
Ooo ba doo ba dee beep.
There we go.
I hit this guy.
Don't bite the fingeys!
(Guitar strings strum)
Okay, listen to the music.
(Out of tune guitar string strums)
It's the fourth one again!
Are you gonna get all up in my business?
It's the fourth one.
(Guitar strings strum)
(Out of tune guitar string strums)
Oh, it's because I didn't replay the music.
You gotta do it in the right order.
Oh, okay, I just tried to fix the note right away.
There we go.
That's music to my non-existent ears.
Supa-dupa surprise, Bonnie.
- Bonnie is in tune and ready for his solo.
- Yeah, right.
- Let's close him up.
- And kick him in the booty.
- Simply replace both eyes
in the same order that you removed them.
- So that, yeah, that goes to the right.
Ugh, thank you.
Okay, this one, this one goes on the left.
Gotta just angle it right.
Oh, that looks so scary.
That looks even more scary!
Bonnie, you hauntin' my dreams,
I don't like it.
- Well done.
That concludes your parts and services task.
- Oh yay!
- See you next time.
- Alright.
Orangey is the winner.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Game won, claim your prize!
Oh, I get a present?
Gimme gimme always gets.
Okay, just gotta twist this, twist it, turn it.
Whoa, what is it?
What is it?
Disappointment, huh?
Are these like chips or someth-?
Whoa, I ate them.
I ate my friends.
Alright guys, well that's it for this round.
Thank you so much for watching.
Let me know if you want me to play again.
Til next time, later to Freddy's.
(upbeat electronic music)
(upbeat electronic music)
(upbeat electronic music)
(upbeat electronic music)
(upbeat electronic music)
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FNAF VR #1: FIXING BONNIE!!! (Annoying Orange Plays)

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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